Going Home After the Novel

We recently went on a short vacation to North Carolina from our Florida home, which gave us the time and chance to go back through my hometown of LaGrange, Georgia, the setting of my first novel, “Red Clay and Roses”.  That first novel being factional; that is a fictional account of a true story, we were want for a little sightseeing.  We stayed in that Small Town, USA setting a couple of days and I took some photographs.  We also chanced to visit Callaway Gardens, also mentioned in the novel, and it’s lovely little chapel.  I have put together a little slideshow which the reader of my novel might compare to their imagination.  I always liked doing that; visiting a place that I have chanced to become acquainted with through a novel.  These are a few shots of the town proper and the gardens.  The azaleas and dogwood had already passed their peak when we visited, but it was a delightful journey home just the same.  When my next novel comes ready for publication, I have some shots of the orphanage that I spent time at in my youth.  I had the wonderful opportunity to go back and speak with some of the young ladies who reside there now.  I wish I could have stayed longer and gotten more photos of the places mentioned in the book, but this is what I have put together in a little slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Whether you have read the novel or not, this gives but a glimpse into the setting.  Unfortunately, the town train depot stands no more, and there are but two tracks where there were once near a dozen.  I would have liked to have included Sybil’s apartments and the home of The Good Doctor as well as The Heart Of LaGrange Hotel, but as there are people living there now, I did not feel it appropriate.  I hope this may aid your imagination and apologize if it has hindered it.  It was a travel back in time for me.  I wrote the story on remembrances and found most of them to be accurate, though somewhat changed with time.

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