My Husband: The “Rocket Scientist”

No really, he is a rocket scientist, a graduate from Cornell, a Subject Matter Expert (SME) at Lockheed Martin making Hellfire Missiles.   I really admire the work he does.  Because of his philosophy on peace, I asked him why he worked in an area that made weapons.  He said, “If we don’t make them, somebody else will.  Then where will our liberty be?”  He truly is smarter than me and most people I know.  He sometimes brings math problems home and they are six pages long, with symbols I cannot even begin to recognize, and I had to take General Statistics 301 in college.   I am lucky to be able to work long division without a calculator.  But he can’t boil water (except to test a thermostat).

Seriously, he can’t cook…anything except frozen pizza and chicken pot pies…in the microwave.  He doesn’t even grill outdoors.  The only food he knows how to prepare is ceviche, because you don’t have to cook that.  It cooks itself with citrus juice.  He does know how to empty the dishwasher, and he is getting better at that.  He loves my southern styled home cooking, so we’re okay.

We have been married for five years.  It was love at first sight.  He fell in love with my feet.  I was wearing tight jeans and my snakeskin “Come fuck me” stilettos.  We met for the first time seven years ago at a little Bohemian coffee shop in Winter Park, and talked for two hours.  We share the same social, political and spiritual philosophies.  He reminded me of my favorite cartoon character from the British, “Wallace and Gromit”.  He looks like Wallace and his sense of humor keeps me laughing every day.  He remembers every song he ever learned, and every joke he ever heard…which has pluses and minuses.  But it does amuse me when he breaks out into some funny little song for no apparent reason at all.  He always has a way to make me smile.

He’s a real Renascence Man, having traveled around the world as an Army brat in his military family, before settling in Florida.  He speaks three languages fluently and a little more of others.  He reads two to three books a week, and works crossword puzzles daily.  He’s not into sports…which is fine with me.  But he doesn’t know his right from his left, which scares me in that he is an engineer.  Last night we were coming back from my daughter’s, which is only six blocks away and twice I had to redirect him to take his OTHER left, or his OTHER right, and he has been there a hundred times.  I think he gets preoccupied.

Being an engineer, of course he has a Man Cave, and it is filled with every tool known to mankind, including a hydraulic lift.  He can fix anything: circuit boards, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, appliances, computers, and automobiles…anything that I can break, he fixes.  He is a real handy man around the house.  He rebuilds cars and has five or six orderly projects going on at any one time.  No one could call him lazy.  He is technologically savvy, but I can’t operate the TV remote or the many things he has connected through it.  I am waiting to be able to open the front door with it.

He is social and giving, kind and sensitive, a very gregarious sort of fellow.  He is loving and supportive in every way possible.

I was twelve years single before we were married.  I had dated upwards of sixty men, and most of them I wouldn’t date twice.  I was convinced that I was not going to settle for anyone less than one who was worthy of my affection.  I got the best!  I love him dearly.  Mother’s day has passed and I did not raise his child, but he still remembered me on that day.  Even if he did buy me a custom fishing rod and a new Penn reel…not exactly what I was expecting, but happily received.  He didn’t raise my children either, but is the greatest Grandpa a kid could have.

There is a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day…but no Spouse’s day.  He just had a birthday, Valentine’s was just behind us and I wasn’t blogging then.  I wanted to take this opportunity to tell the world how much I appreciate him, and how truly blessed I feel.   I hear a lot about people and their kids on blogs, but not too much about their spouses.  Maybe I missed that on Valentine’s Day!  Playing catch up!  Hoping yours is the best for you!

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