Making bracelets with flowers to pass the hours, searching out hiding places to escape the embraces of persons wishing to find ways to spend one’s time.

Once one has grown older, the motives are bolder.  Hiding places are found in bottles that bind one’s emotions to the soul with fluids of gold.

Sooner than one expects, burgundy, amber and rose mingle with the effects one’s soul searches for, only to find in dreaming that is lost without meaning, one can’t remember what one knows.

Becoming engulfed in depression, one learns a sad lesson, “It is harder to get out of the places it takes you than it is to get into the bottle.”

~S. K. Nicholls

photo credit: www.judiciousspirits.com

If anyone is wondering, I changed the background color of my blog in preparation for the unveiling of my new book cover art for Red Clay and Roses.  Stay tuned…..

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