Another Reason to Publish Traditionally

Here is one for those holding out for traditional publishing.  Marketing, while still a responsibility of the author to a significant degree, is easier.   I requested guidelines for submission at The Atlanta Journal and Constitution and this is the response I received:

“Congratulations on your new novel. There are so many fine books produced by authors from Atlanta and the South, we have to be very selective in what we can cover. For starters, we do not review self-published books or books only available in digital or print-on-demand formats.

If your book is published by a major publishing company, feel free to send me a copy and I’ll be happy to consider it for review.”

Suzanne Van Atten
Features Enterprise Editor
Personal Journey • Books • Arts
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
223 Perimeter Center Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30346

Guess I’ll have to stick with local radio stations and my hometown papers!  At least for now!  It was worth a try….  Notice she says, “…a major publishing company”…and then they consider it for review.

I would go with Kirkus but it is around $500.00 whether they like you or not…even if you can only pick out a few usable words…is it worth it?

8 thoughts on “Another Reason to Publish Traditionally

  1. Honestly, that sounds like someone that I wouldn’t want to review my book in the first place. I sense preconceived ideas about books that, while she’s entitled to, makes me think she’d be hyper-critical. That might be present tense author in me shying away from someone who would probably hate my book for that fact alone.

    • Thank you Mr. Howell, or shall I call you John? I am delighted to accept. Between my writing and blogging and trying to get my KDP RCAR revised for my ebook and my Manuscript final editing done for my paperback…I will try to do right by this award. It may take me a while to get that accomplished, but I definitely will get it done. I am glad that you enjoy my posts 🙂 and feel honored that you selected me…and they are fun!

  2. Hey Susan,

    “Major publishing” bit was hilarious. The Atlanta Journal and Constitution considers a book review-worthy if it is published by a “major” publisher? hmmm… Self-published authors aside, that also leaves out so many brilliant authors who publish with “small presses”.

    I just got your novel for my Kindle. The only problem is that these days I am pressed for time meeting university deadlines. (because I waste too much time doing my own personal reading and writing!)….

    I bought your book, not because you’re my “blogger friend” but I liked the premise of this book (as described) also I have promised myself to sample and review a Kindle self-published authors at least once a month. But yeah, I don’t know if I will read it this weekend or a month later……

    That said, I am a hard-hearted reviewer. This is the last Kindle self-published book I reviewed. (I gave it “two and a half” stars)

    But again, when some guy in London gives my poorly edited short fiction a SINGLE STAR, I know how to take it graciously: 😉

    • I would rather someone give me an honest review. I know my work is not perfect. I have thought of many ways I could have perfected it had I spent the time before publishing. I think I would have kept the first person of Hannah Hamilton, a nurse throughout the whole story, and broken up Sybil’s story into her actual diary entries instead of making her own story told in the third person. That might have been a little more than difficult since her story begins in the fifties and I was born in 1960, but I think I could have found a way. As it is Hannah Hamilton tells her story of “Hearing the History” of the ledger, and Sybil has her own “Sybil’s Story”. The Hannah comes back at the end. The paperback version will break that up better. All I can hope for in the eversion is that readers pay attention to the dates that are printed in bold at the beginning of “The Good Doctor” and “Sybil Meets and Stranger” as my publisher could not manage a way to set the two section titles any more prominently. I hope you enjoy! 🙂 and Thanks!! I am doing the same. Reading Indie Authors and doing reviews. I do my first Indie Author review in a couple of weeks on Sarah Cradit’s “ST. Charles at Dusk”. I am looking forward to it.

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