Annoying Habits or Blessings in Disguise


We just reconstructed our porch.  We had the old one torn down and a new one built.   It took us six years to accumulate the money to start this project and it is not finished yet.  I said, “Wouldn’t this look pretty with a tile floor?”  This weekend we are tiling  the porch floor over the concrete.

All I have to do is think out loud and things get done.  My husband listens so well that he scares me.  A friend of ours was staying with us for a few weeks.  She had sold her house and was waiting on a house to close in TX before moving away.  She made a comment…thinking out loud…that she MIGHT want to sell her vehicle and just fly to TX and purchase a new one when she got there.  I think she was half joking.  My husband made a couple of phone calls and announced that he had her vehicle sold…just like that.  She was not ready for that and he had to make another phone call to un-sell her vehicle.  He’s crazy like that.  It is his most annoying habit.  He actively responds to everything  anyone  says.  I think he tries too hard to please sometimes.

Most women I know complain that their husbands never really listen to them.  They have become so very complacent that they just nod and say, “Okay Honey.”  Mine does that also.  But he really listens and acts on what he hears, so I have to be careful not to think out loud too much unless I really want something done.

Sometimes I just need to vent.  I come home complaining about the cost of food, next thing I know he is clipping coupons.  I tell him I didn’t predict the rain I got caught in, and he downloads a weather app on my phone.  I could list things forever, but you get the point.

Funny how one of his most annoying habits to me is also one of his more desirable and endearing.  Does your spouse or partner have annoying habits that you love?

13 thoughts on “Annoying Habits or Blessings in Disguise

  1. I can tell you from very first hand experience, the cross you bear is much preferable to the “Hmm…yeah, honey…um…you’re blocking the TV set….”
    Course, if I found myself walking to Texas, I might sing a different tune….LOL

    • That’s funny. I guess I should be counting my blessings. I do have to be careful what i say out loud though. I complained about the posts in the middle of our old porch the day I bought this house (before we were even married) and the next day he was out there tearing the porch down without another thought to how it would be replaced.

      • Well, ahem, that is another matter! I was envisioning Mr. Get ‘Er Done, not “Hey, took out the posts and the roof fell in – now what?”
        😀 LOL

          • OMG! Sorry, but I did really laugh out loud when reading this – – okey-dokey then, I take back everything I said – – no structural damage occurs during TV watching..

            • 🙂 Six years we dripped before we could afford to replace that roof and mold was starting to grow on the ceiling beams and chunks fell over time, I was terribly afraid that it was going to get into the house. Mold and mildew are serious problems down here in Fl. You have to disclose any mold damage or treatment on a real estate contract. He is such a nut.

              • Yes, Yes, I take it back a hundred times over! I’m currently engaging in massive dirt moving to correct the nice little ditch the stuccoer’s left (previous owner improvement) right next to the house – – the one that lets all the rainwater flow back toward the foundation – Sheesh! 😀

                On the bright side, deluges of rain isn’t something we here in Colorado have had to deal with much the last few years….

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