I need Help from all my published author friends who use bookmarks.

What do you write on the front and back of a bookmark.  Aside from the cover image, what more can you say on a 2 X 7  card?

Seriously, I need to know.

A one sentence blurb, a brief author bio, simply the book title, contact info???  What actually goes on there?

26 thoughts on “I need Help from all my published author friends who use bookmarks.

    • Great! Those were the basics but I didn’t want to leave anything out this time. I want to do it right the first time. I had 1000 cardstock made with my old cover image…it is basically trash now.

  1. Ionia summed it up best. You can also put a QR code on the back if you want. It’s that black and white thing that Smartphones scan to go to a website. There are free generators everywhere.

  2. I kept mine simple: Title and book cover image with author name on one side. Book website URL and brief excerpt on other side. I didn’t have any reviewer quotes to add at the time they were printed. 🙂

        • I will try to keep it as simple as possible, but I do like Charles’ idea of the QR code. In this high tech savvy world, folk use that stuff. I don’t much, but I know many young people at the local colleges where I have been talking do. My stepson uses his iphone like that on all sorts of stuff that he shows us.

          • Yes. QR codes are gaining popularity and usage. I’m not a fan, but I’m also not a part of the most influential demographic these days. Hehe!

  3. Those QR code things that Charles mentioned are a good idea. And a quote from a review like Ionia said would be good, too. You could also add a short, gripping sentence from the book itself or maybe even a short blurb, like a miniature version of a teaser.

  4. You guys have been awesome. Thanks so much for your comments. I have so many ideas rolling around in my head now. You are really appreciated. thanks again Ionia 🙂

  5. If it’s visually quite appealing, I’m very likely to use the bookmark as a reader. The more it looks like an advertisement, the more likely it will get buried in a pile of advertisements. I don’t mind information about the book or author to entice my interest and help me find it if interested (so title, author, strap line should be there, perhaps a short description on the back to entice my interest; it depends). Basically, if I would have paid money for it, I’ll definitely use it. 🙂

  6. Thanks for you points. I do want it to have the image at the top of the front, but only a one-liner so the front stays simple. I am thinking the back will have a very brief book description and a one line famous quote. I like the idea of a couple of QR codes for folk who play around with those, and that serves the purpose of advertisement so there really doesn’t have to be any on the bookmark to speak of. I am even considering leaving off the book description. These are absolutely free as a promotion tool.

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