Addict’s Song

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This is a poem that I wrote while working psych/chem. dependency in a private hospital.  It was set to music by a rock band in the late seventies early eighties and played and sang at venues across the Southeast.  I don’t think they ever recorded it before the band broke up.  The original poem is much shorter but I put it down here as lyrics.  ~S. K. Nicholls


Photo: Hubble telescope

Addict’s Song

Come and step into my mind leaving all your thoughts behind

(Behind you now, come follow me)

Needle silver and a golden spoon took a trip beyond the moon

(Behind you now, come follow me)

Come sailing through my veins with glory, lend an ear and hear my story

I danced “high” upon a distant star and led my soul one step to far

White fangs spiked, my flesh was loosened; now I fear my mind I’m…

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