Hobbies: Beading and Jewelry Making

jewlry box2

This is what I do when I get writers block.

It keeps my hands busy and my mind free.

I keep a note pad nearby because this is when my mind juices start flowing.

The pieces look better when modeled, but I can’t do that well with my fat neck.

This box is overflowing as I have a piece to match everything in my wardrobe.

It is a fun and productive way to pass time and still keep my mind focused.

I only use metals, wood, shells, pearls, or natural stones and gems, like jasper, lapis, amethyst, turquoise and onyx.

I also give them away as gifts and sell some on consignment.

What do you do for a hobby or to get the juices flowing during a dry spell?

4 thoughts on “Hobbies: Beading and Jewelry Making

  1. Hi, my name is Lily and when I’m in a bit of a slump, I usually read or listen to music. I can’t stay still and stare at a blank page forever! The pieces in your picture look exquisite, by the way. I would love to learn jewelry-making but it looks far too complicated for me. (You might consider selling some of those pieces to new blog followers, of which I am now one!) 🙂

    • It is so easy. you would be surprised. I took a few four hour classes in pearl knotting, basic stringing, and wire wrapping. the rest is artistic design. I am looking forward to learning more complicated techniques after I get this paperback thing off the ground. The pieces really look great on my daughter as a model, but with two young kids I can never get her with enough time to model for me. Oh yeah! I love listening to Yanni when I blog but anything with words distracts me. I am just easily distracted like that 🙂

  2. Serendipity — never ceases to astound me! I’ve been thinking how I’d like to learn jewelry making, unrelated to the current dry spell I’m experiencing, and here you are to bring both together for me!! Your pieces are indeed beautiful — an inspiration. What I usually do to clear my head is take a ride on my trusty horse through the woods and fields.

    • That sounds divine. We had horses in GA on the farm. Nothing like that here in Orlando. Can go down to Kissimmee to the stables, but it is not nearly the wonderful experience of free open riding that you describe. I envy those moments. City life has its blessings, but you don’t get that sort of thing here.

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