Beauty – in thought, word and deed

Penny has wonderful words to share.

The Why About This

What is beautiful to you?

How do you experience beauty?

What is the sensation within you, when beholding beauty?

One of the most wonderful things about being human

is our ability to experience – the beauty of things.

Those most wonderful sights, sounds, touches, fragrances,

and tastes of our experiences, thoughts and memories.

All revolving around our perception of beauty.

“The most beautiful thing I can think of today – is TODAY!”


today 3

My share for the week! Please take this with you

if you’d like! No copyright restrictions, my drawing and words

Given with love, Penny

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One thought on “Beauty – in thought, word and deed

  1. Thank you for the reblog. I would have thanked you sooner, but (I live in the Northwest) we are having thunderstorms, 100 degree weather and power outages (local on the last one) so just got back online a little bit ago! 🙂 Hope you’re weather is being nicer for you this weekend, again my sincere thanks for your nice words and reblog! Penny 🙂

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