I am new to Goodreads, so I have been over there trying to figure how the forums are run and what the reviews are like.  When I first started this blog, I had no idea about Goodreads.  I am an avid reader and joined a book club, called Random Readers, so that I could explore many genres that I might not have been otherwise exposed to.  I also decided that I would do a book review on my blog every time I reviewed a new book.  I try to be most judicious with my reviews.  I want others to enjoy the books I enjoyed and to know my thoughts on books they might enjoy but we might not agree on.

I was told that Goodreads was a great place for readers and writers to connect, so one of the first groups that I joined was called Making Connections.  I am finding that these readers and writers are most helpful and supportive.   I am glad I joined for that reason.

I have a complaint that I feel needs to be made public, a rant if you will:

One of my most serious concerns with Goodreads has to do with reader reviews, which all of us authors recognize as supremely important.  However, I am finding that readers are posting juicy details of books that I might like to read and spoiling it for me.  I see that there is a way to hide reviews if they have spoilers and I am hoping that this is the author’s prerogative.  I recognize that readers may simply be all caught up in what they perceive is a good thing, and that is wonderful!  Some are inadvertantly reavealing too much detail, I’m sure, probably not even conscious that they are revealing too much, but some just seem downright mean spirited about it.

I found a book that I loved the cover for, and the book description was quite enticing.  I thought that I should like to read it.  I read a few reviews, and was very disappointed at the spoilers which seriously ruined it for me.  It was a murder mystery.  I learned who did it, how they did it, and what the consequences were.  Why bother reading the book?  It was a rather nasty rant from someone who obviously did not enjoy the book.  I might have liked it, because  sometimes I do like what others find disturbing.

I don’t know if I am going to like this Goodreads thing.  I want to learn the juicy details on my own.  So don’t spoil it for me or other readers.

14 thoughts on “NO SPOILERS Please!!!

  1. That’s one of my pet peeves. One easy way to warn people is to put *Spoiler* in the title or write *Spoilers* in a solitary line. It isn’t too hard, but some people are simply rude and lazy.

    • At the book club meetings everybody rants about the book bragging on it or criticizing it. It is expected. But you know then, that everyone has read the book already, so it is acceptable.

  2. I never read the reviews on Goodreads until I’ve read the book for that very reason. I also wait until I’ve posted my thoughts about the book on my blog because I don’t like being influenced by someone else’s opinion. I hate spoilers!!!

  3. Your book is still resting on my Kindle. I have read the intro, maybe I will have a read in a week or so.

    But… does your book have “juicy details”? Where ? Where?!?

    • There is some stuff in there that I wouldn’t want revealed as spoilers to people who have not read the book. No in your face sex or erotica…that’s for other genres, but you will find the juicy details. There is, as promised in the description: mystery, rape, murder, drama, forbidden love…but nothing more, nothing less..

    • It was pretty sad, recently I had a friend who wrote a review on another friend’s book with the best of intentions…but it was filled with spoilers and I felt very sorry for the friend who was on the receiving end of that review.

      • I admit, I am guilty of spoilers. But I took a friend’s advice and added *Spoilers* at the top of my review, that way I give the reader a heads-up on what to expect. I just never know what is too much. I don’t want to give anything away or tick an author off (that last one is pretty easy to do: seems that we all have hair-trigger tempers!). I’m trying, slowly but surly! 🙂

        • I try to say no more than the author did in the book description, but add my opinions on the author’s writing style and such. The point of the review is to convince the audience to either buy or not buy a book, not to tell the story again…let them read it to find out. Tell why you enjoyed the read,, how the story made you feel, what it made you think about, how the characters or setting affected you, what the book contributes to the literary world. that sort of thing.

    • You do a good review also! What gets me is when so much is revealed that that the book becomes worthless….a little wary is not a bad thing then, Even if a person dislikes a book, they can say so with respect.

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