Look Ma! I’m a Real Writer Now!

Yesterday I made a review post about a great new author and her work. I mentioned that she has a second in her series, The House of Crimson and Clover. Well, here is what to look for in just two days. Imagine the excitement that she feels!

...and then there was Sarah

1013526_10201372748508018_758533386_nMy proof copy of The Storm and the Darkness came in the mail yesterday. I vaguely recalled the thrill I experienced the moment I held St. Charles at Dusk in my hands, but it must have faded with time because it didn’t prepare me for the excitement of experiencing it again, with my second book.

Or the feeling of seeing them, side by side, on my shelf. Two beautiful books, both my me. Sigh. I’m a real author. More, I am officially the writer of a series. *Slips on big girl author panties.*

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