This is an Experiment

I am becoming increasingly frustrated with trying to tie all of my social media together in a nice and professional manner which does not over market my book but gets it and me as an author out there for others to see.  I am not a book!  Unfortunately, Facebook publishes a picture of my book with every post.  I DID NOT decide for it to do that.  Wordpess tells me that they don’t decide what image to post on facebook and have no control over when and how facebook flushes it image cache, they only send facebook the URL, and facebook only offers me a generic no-reply response.  The forums and support pages have not been too helpful.  Now people on my facebook page are tired of seeing the book image with every post.  It does not do that provided I post another image at the same time I post words, only when I just post words or reblog someone else’s post.  At any rate,  I am figuring it does that because the only image that stays on my wordpress  page is the image of my book, so I am experimenting with the thing to see if adding this will make any difference.  If it doesn’t, I may try just adding an image of myself without the  widget.  Thank you all for bearing with my while I experiment.  I need to see how this appears on my facebook page.

13 thoughts on “This is an Experiment

  1. Okay…the experiment did not work. it is still posting a picture/image of my book with every word post or reblog.. I give up. I don’t know what else to do. Maybe I’ll ask Chris.

  2. I wish i had something insightful to say here, but we all know that I am a FB idiot. So I am smiling, nodding and sending you great brain waves of support collected from other bloggers that I vampirically attacked.

  3. I haven’t been able to experience this same issue… There are many bloggers here who use FB avidly, so hopefully one of them knows the solutions and will help you out. Did you upload the image to WP or link to an image housed at Amazon or elsewhere? (I don’t know if it would matter.) Is the book image on this page larger than your author pic? (In case FB decides by size.) Maybe if your book’s image were somehow part of your page header, though it probably works better where it is. These things might not make a difference, but I don’t see what else to try offhand. Good luck with it. 🙂

    • Thanks Chris! The images were both uploaded from my computer, but I do believe the jog for the book image is larger than the profile image. I’ll have to tinker with it some more when I get home or maybe tomorrow. Right now I am going out for some much needed R&R. I seriously appreciate your thoughts on the matter and have some new ideas to try out!

    • I think that Chris has the answer and Facebook pulls the largest pic from the post or from the side bar if there are no words..Now I have to figure how to make my link image bigger or just put an image of myself that links to my site (not my page) and see if that works.

  4. That is a very good photo BTW! Wish mine had done something like that! Maybe I should post a picture on my “About” page and see if it will do that, I would like to lose the book cover image.

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