Mood Setting for Reading


I have places that I love to read certain works.  Some people can read anything anywhere and be taken to another world through their own imagination.  I like to afford myself the luxury of setting the mood whenever possible.

For dystopian fiction or fantasy that is otherwordly, I like to go out on my back porch that overlooks The Jungle with the banana trees, travelers palms, pygmy palms and wisteria creeping invasively though the philodendron.  The hanging spheres of stag-horn fern in globes of dripping greenery  seem to set that mood. IMG_0852The angel’s trumpet with its intoxicating fragrance but deadly seed takes me to enchanted places. For some more wicked reading, I like to go out there during the lightening storms that we seem to have every summer day.???????????????  For a soft sweet romance nothing could be better that  to curl up on the living room sofa and light candles in the dark. images (4) That’s why I love the readers with backlighting.  Or I crawl between the sheets with my husband. fireplace-3d-screensaver-6359 I love classics , like Jane Eyre, at the mountain cabin, in front of the stone fireplace during a long soggy week of rain,

and  for murder mysteries and thrillers I like to seal myself away to the comfort and safety of my bedroom and close the door.imagesI call them bookdrops. I hear from and speak to writers a lot, and writers are also readers.  Do you  enhance or set the mood, or do you depend on your imagination exclusively?

14 thoughts on “Mood Setting for Reading

    • I actually have a strobe light in my living room that I turn on when I am in outer space with some sci-fi read, and potted plants on the porch that are fitting a jungle read or war story. I read comedy in the aviary, I don’t know why, birds are just funny to me.

  1. Often I injure something at the gym. At the moment, it’s my right knee. So I have to be propped up on the pillows in bed or U-shaped anywhere else in the house: draped across the love-seat in the living-room, slumped into an easy chair anywhere else in the house. Foot elevated of course.

  2. I love this concept (and what a magnificent garden!). Reading in a place that echoes the setting/tone of the novel definitely adds another layer of experience to reading it– it’s like the story lingers after you close the book!– though I think doing so is a bit of a luxury. Usually I just make due with the environment in which I find myself 🙂

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