What makes someone Sexy? A question for girls and boys in blogland

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After discussing the great American romance novel with a group of ladies earlier in the day, I wanted to pose a question to the ladies and gentleman, respectively. Whilst there are many ways to approach a character’s sex appeal in a novel, be they male or female, my question is this: What makes a character sexy?

Men: What do you find makes a woman Sexy? Is it purely physical in the beginning or are there other things you look for?


Ladies: Same question, except about the men. What do you find sexy about a man?


It seems many romance novels are written from the perspective of a woman and the authors tend to give the men qualities they wish they had, rather than those that are commonly found. Does this happen if a man writes a romance novel? How much of this is simple stereotyping?

Thoughts please…

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4 thoughts on “What makes someone Sexy? A question for girls and boys in blogland

  1. I look for other things than physical but the physical will probably be the initial attraction. It won’t be enough to make me stay though. A good conversationalist. Flirty but not with everyone. That makes me uncomfortable. And fun to be around.

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