Becket (Assistant to Anne Rice) Reviews St. Charles at Dusk

This new Indie author really has it going on. I love her writing style and here is a particular review that says I am in good company. Read “St. Charles at Dusk” and follow that with “The Storm and the Darkness”. I promise that you won’t be disappointed. You can say, “I knew her before she became famous!” But you best hurry 🙂

...and then there was Sarah

So, something incredibly cool happened to me this week. And its just Monday!

It started a few weeks ago when Becket, who is the endlessly interesting and endearing assistant of Anne Rice, posted on his page that he was interested in knowing what other indie authors were working on. He is getting ready to publish his own stories, and has been very supportive of the indie community as a whole. I responded with some info about my novels, and a link to my Amazon Author Central profile. He replied that he had read the sample offered by Amazon (you can’t adequately imagine my surprise at that), so I offered to send him a copy, and he accepted. He was incredibly kind and gracious about the whole thing, and of course I was completely useless to the world for the rest of the day.

This morning, he posted on his…

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