Not Going to Work Today

Not Going To Work Today, Nope!

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I usually don’t rant on MY site.  I save that stuff for ranting in the comments on YOUR sites.  I would not want to appear unprofessional or undisciplined to my fans (both of them).

Today is different in so many ways.  There are so many squirrels in my house and my head that I am feeling as if I should just have a nut fest and be done with it.  Don’t ask me why I have been so terribly distracted.  I really don’t know.  All I know is that I have been and it’s been going on for about twelve hours.   Here is what has been happening:

First, it was 12:00 midnight August 6th, and I was speaking with a dear friend, (I do have a few) Ionia Martin, about responsibilities.  It occurred to me that I was supposed to go to work in the morning.  I checked my work order.  OMG, I have to be up at 4:00 am!  I had looked at the calendar. The one that hangs on the wall in my study to keep me focused.

You see, I don’t work every day.  I am a Registered Nurse and I do wellness screenings as an independent contractor.  I am semi-retired (not making any major life or death decisions anymore for those who are worried).  I pick up an occasional day here and there, but don’t have regular days or hours.  I had myself scheduled to work for Summit Health at Flagler Construction, just about ten minutes from my house.  Easy enough, right?

Last night, I printed out my work order, signed off of the computer and went about preparing for my work day.  First, I couldn’t find my white shirt, the one I have to wear.  It was not in my closet.  It was not on the back of the chair where I toss my not so dirty clothes; it was not in a drawer.  Next, I could not find my black pants.  They were not in the closet.  Then I remembered that they must be in the dryer.  I checked the dryer and found my white shirt.  Why was my white shirt in the dryer with my dark clothes and where were my pants?  I hung up my white shirt and spent another half hour looking for my black pants.  Finally, I decided I would wear a different, more uncomfortable pair.  I undressed to take my shower.  It is going on 1:00 am and I decide to wait until morning to take my shower.  I pick up my housecoat from the top of the wardrobe, and there they are, my comfortable black pants.  Whew!

I crawl into bed, knowing that I have to crawl out too soon.  The alarm goes off!  I get up and fix some coffee using the last of the creamer.  I could have sworn I bought more coffee creamer.  I make it into the shower and spend another thirty minutes drying my hair and getting out of the door.

Luckily, I made it to Flagler Construction on time with five minutes to spare.  There is not a soul around.  It is 6:00 am.  The gate is locked, there are no cars in the lot, and the lights are off.  I pick up the phone and call the Team Leader.  No answer.  I call the next number and reach a nice lady on the team, who is trying to get ready to go to work, somewhere else.  She informs me that we aren’t scheduled for the job at Flagler for another week.  We laugh at my stupidity and I turn the car around to take my sleep deprived butt back home.

Well, I was already awake, and my shoulder was hurting too bad to try to go to sleep.  I popped a few Ibuprofen and poured myself a cup of coffee.  Damn!  Why didn’t I think to pick up some coffee creamer?  I sipped the strong black coffee and started putting away the dry goods I had left out last night after making supper.  I opened the pantry and there is the coffee creamer.  You know, the “must be refrigerated” coffee creamer.  I decide that I really need to eat some breakfast with this medicine on my stomach, right?  I can’t find the cereal.  I put the probably ruined coffee creamer in the fridge (surely there are enough preservatives in there to keep it from spoiling).  After all, I just bought groceries yesterday.  There, in the fridge, is the cereal.  I have breakfast.

My husband gets up and I see him off to work.  I am thinking, “You really should get a nap.”  But my shoulder is hurting and I need a pain pill.  I open the bottle and chase down a little white pill with the coffee.  What the hell!  Didn’t I just take Ibuprofen?  What is this?  I, the RN, read the label, “Daisy Nicholls, Prozac 20 mg.” (Yes, my dog is on’s for thunderstorm panic and it works.)  Being a firm believer that Prozac should come in aerosol form, I retire to my room with my painful shoulder and try to get a nap.  It worked.  I slept for a couple of hours and woke up feeling rather refreshed…and happy!

This time next week, I shall be at work, at Flagler Construction, but for today I am off……way off. ~ S.K. Nicholls

46 thoughts on “Not Going to Work Today

  1. Oh my word! Rant away. I believe I’ll have a coffee too. One of my funniest days, by choice funny – no tears, was when I was determined to dress myself without a caregivers aide and got trapped, we have to laugh so we don’t cry, grin. I hope the rest of your day is inspired and beautiful. Smiles

  2. Now that’s an adventure. I hate waking up and realizing that I didn’t have anything to do. Did that with a job interview once. Showed up a week before the interview was actually scheduled on a day that nobody was there. Wandered the offices because the place wasn’t locked. It’s always confusing when that happens. Hope the rest of the week goes smoothly.

  3. Been there. Done that! Sometimes I think “frantic” is my middle name. But your dog on Prozac. I guess if it works, fine! Cliff and I are taking a break from the rat race in CA. Maybe my post in pictures Wednesday will relax you. Take care!

  4. Clearly, I stayed up way too late and am not at work today either. Thus, I am here. So come on, a bit of hair of the dog and we shall rise like a phoenix from the ashes and then fall back asleep. But we make it look pretty. Now crank the stereo and play Bruno Mars the lazy song. 🙂

  5. Oh no, what a day. Although I did have a little chuckle, sorry I’m bad. Why is it always the way, when things start off bad they usually continue. Just use it as inspiration for your next prompt piece, bet you could make it fab 🙂

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  7. This was hilarious! Sounds a little like my day. My husband wanted me to take the lawn mower in for repair. He had strapped it on the bed of the truck, ready to go. So I head to the repair shop and when I’m halfway down the street, forget where I’m going. Oh yeah, lawn mower repair shop. Oh, wait, the lawnmower is in the truck, I’m in the Tahoe. I turn around, park my car in the garage and try to unlock the truck. It doesn’t work. Well, it would help if I wasn’t using the keys to the Tahoe to open the truck. WTH! Just shoot me because I’m worthless. Glad I’m not the only one who has “blonde moments.”

    • Is that what those are? I thought it was just me getting old 🙂 My day got better..if not, more chaotic. I had drunks staggering around in my office today and I think I accidently said “Fuck you” to someone when I meant to say it to someone else. There are paper airplanes all over the place and it looks like airmail dropped a bomb on my computer. I’ll sort it all out later. 🙂

      • That’s funny. It seems there was a little party in my office too. I found several empty bottles of liquor, discarded overalls, a court jester’s hat, Scooby doo boxer shorts, handcuffs, and a banana peel. Still trying to make sense of it all. An early Mardi Gras celebration, maybe?

        • Sounds like, lol. Same party goers that came by here! I had some serious multitasking going on…which i am not used to and I think I offended someone accidently. I am sure he will forgive me though. He;s like that.

  8. Sorry for your bad day, but what a funny rant! I’m about to get started on my work day, and I hope it’s better than yours was yesterday. At least I’m starting mine with a smile now!
    I hope your dog’s Prozac made you feel better. 🙂

    • I don’t think I had enough to get into my system effectively, but it was so funny it made me laugh. She has to take it. She was abandoned during Hurricane Charley and we adopted her. (I was fine after a little sleep:)

  9. I was sitting here laughing periodically (quite loudly) and relaying bits of this back to my husband on the couch.
    Good stuff.
    And I hope you didn’t get sick off that coffee creamer!

    Also, I hope you didn’t have another day like this today because that was seriously ridiculous.
    Many sympathies sent out to you for all that madness.

  10. If you’re going to have a day like that, you may as well rant about it and find a way to laugh it off. I’ve never had sleep deprivation that bad, but even a mild form can be scary stuff. A few years ago I was playing nursemaid to one my cats (Mikey, RIP). He was blind and couldn’t find the litter box any more so I moved him into one of the bedrooms where I could line the floor with wee-wee pads and he could pee wherever (yes, shades of my other cat Joshua … same room even). Mikey was a very affectionate cat so I slept with him (he liked to lay on my shoulder which eventually gave me a pinched nerve). Long story short … he developed IBS and the sleep deprivation started when I was getting up every two hours to clean up after his mess, including giving him a shower at times. He was blind so he tended to either walk right into the pool of shit or fall into it when he lost his balance. My sleep deprivation got to the point where it wasn’t safe for me to drive and I was having “memory outages.” Once we got the IBS under control, I could sleep again, at least longer than two hours at a time 😉
    Sorry for the long comment. Hope you’ve getting adequate sleep since (although I know createspace was driving you to distraction … it’s always something).

    • Long comments are fine. I feel as if I just had a visit with a friend. i love my pets too, but they are like having children. I am glad your’s had you. Some pet owners would not be so kind. I have my four month old grandson right now. he was supposed to eat at 4:30, but mama nurses him. Normally he will take a bottle from me, but today he would not….so he cried himself to sleep on my shoulder. I just put in down. That will probably last about thirty minutes because he went to bed hungry. Don’t know what I am going to do when he wakes up. Offer him the bottle again, i guess…and let him cry if he won’t take it.

  11. Late to the party, as per my M.O.
    Sheesh, this was a slice out of my own life! I can soooo relate.
    Oh, I have to wait 48 hrs (after an initial purchase) to add the review to your book. Ridiculous, that they don’t count all the years I made purchases there (Amazon)—only count 2013.
    I unfollowed and refollowed in hopes of getting you back in my reader.

    • I didn’t think you had to purchase from Amazon to post a review there?! I have most of my close friends in email, so i don’t miss their posts, everyone else is in my reader. I edit blogs I follow to include about 30 people, sometimes, though, I have 100 emails in one day, esp. if I didn’t check it the previous day.

      • When I click, “review this book” it takes me to a page that tells me I have to have made a purchase of any kind to write a review. Grrrr. So, 2 more days before I can add it.
        I only add non-WP blogs to my email, because I have to, I follow WP writers in reader. If I get behind, I check the main ones on my “blogs I follow” list.

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