She touched the little box in her pocket and smiled…Prompt: Sea Treasure

Short story from Community Storyboard, a really cool place for writers to practice creative ideas.

The Community Storyboard

She touched the little box in her pocket and smiled.  Pushing it deep into her pocket, she wrapped the heavy coat around her against the winter.  Kate had not worn that coat since February of last year.  The last time was during the funeral, when Grandmother was laid to rest.  At twenty years old, Kate had tried hard to stay strong, to not sob like a child.  Grandmother had practically raised her, and the loss had created a void that would never be filled.

The year that followed had been awful.  Family was fighting over who would get what and what belonged to whom.  Kate had tried to stay neutral, to not get involved.  Uncle Ernest had taken the land and the property because he was the eldest of the three brothers.  The aunts, uncles and cousins had fought over furniture and odds and ends, whatnots really.  It wasn’t as…

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