Obituary of Historical Figure, Writing prompt: Moses Grier

Writing prompt for obituary of historical figure: Moses Grier, character from “Red Clay and Roses”

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LaGrange Daily News, Obituaries, April 12th, 1993

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Moses Grier died peacefully in his sleep at The Colored People’s Old Folks Home in LaGrange, Georgia, on Friday, 09 April 1993.  Moses was born in 1907 to a poor sharecropper on the same farm in Walton County, Georgia, that his grandpappy had been born a slave on.  Moses, like his father before him, considered himself  fortunate to be born a free man.  A member of Union Baptist Church in Whitesville, GA, Moses will be laid to rest next to his late wife, Eula Mae Grier, Tuesday, 2:00 PM, 13 April 1993, in a graveside service at the Church.

Moses served as caretaker to the Handley Estate, also in Whitesville, GA, and home of the late Dr. David G. Handley.  A longtime resident of Atlanta, GA, Moses is survived by a daughter, Althea, whereabouts unknown, who left home at the young…

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    • I will have the revisions and final editing completed by tomorrow and that will be sent to the publisher ASAP. Hopefully the paperback will be out soon. I really want to get the revisions up on the eversion before that time. It will make for a better read.

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