Karma, She’s a Bitch: writing prompt, childhood memory

A tragic, but profoundly educational tale.

The Community Storyboard

Not a Pretty Story

My childhood was fraught with much turmoil after my mother’s death at my young age of eight years.  We were placed into foster care, my sister and I, due to my father’s choice in wives (plural for a reason).  One foster home that we went into was with Juanita and Lou Acres.  They were an elderly black couple.  They were loving and kind and took us to Church every Sunday morning and said prayers with us every night after our Bible readings.

Juanita had inherited the big old farmhouse we lived in from an old lady she once attended.  We tended a garden and hung clothes on the lines outside.  We managed the farm animals and cooked all the meals.  There were 14 of us children, and we were every color of the rainbow.  There were white, black, Korean, and Vietnamese, all living and getting along…

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