Ancient Alien Theory Tested: Story prompt, 100 years into the future.

Writing Prompt; 100 Years into the future, “Ancient Alien Theory Tested”
Community Storyboard,

The Community Storyboard

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She had served her time.  It was odd to go into prison a young woman and come out an old one.  It was odd to be one of the only black women left on the planet.  The Crylerions had claimed their own in 2113, just a few short months ago, but refused to take any incarcerated people back to the mother planet.  “We are scorned now worse than we have ever been in history,” she thought as she boarded the monorail.

She had been arrested at the age of 30 and served 20 years for manslaughter.  She didn’t mean to kill him, she loved him.  His father had run for President and his grandfather had once been Governor of Florida.  They had met at the democratic convention of 2093.  Delgado’s father was going to be the first Hispanic President of the New United States. She was only trying to push…

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