Amazon has Made Me Very Happy re: Red Clay and Roses

I am so very excited; I just have to share this with you!  Amazon has finally done something that makes me love them again.  I have had concerns about Red Clay and Roses being difficult to search and browse for in that it crosses both fiction and nonfiction lines, as well as crossing genres.

There is one rather obscure category that it fits very well into under historical fiction and that is the category of “Faction Novel”.  As I have mentioned before, the nonfiction novel was very popular in the 1970s.  It is also making a comeback under the new category name of “Faction Novel”

Amazon has categorized my Kindle version of the historical novel as a “Faction Novel” and it is #9 on the very first search page.  That pleases me immensely, and I hope will contribute to sells as this category blossoms again in this century, which I am thinking it will.  I am blazing a trail!!!

38 thoughts on “Amazon has Made Me Very Happy re: Red Clay and Roses

    • It is a new category for writers in general. Years ago, it was very popular for people to publish (traditionally) fictional stories based on facts. A lot of hippies did this with their stories of hiking across America and other such factional type stories. “Love Story” is one such example of a very popular novel based on a true story in that era. In the past couple of years, wikipedia has given definition to the category under the word “Faction” rather than nonfiction novel. It is a relatively new, refreshed, and reworded category that is having a resurgence.

    • I asked them to categorize it under Historical Fiction and Southern Fiction. They do not have a category of southern fiction. They told me to put southern fiction in the tag lines. I was also concerned as I did not wish to disappoint readers of traditional southern fiction who would expect to see a humorous story about grandma and grandpa making biscuits and sipping iced tea while the children played in the yard. I did not want it to be in such a vague category as Historical Fiction as it would show up with Cival War stories and medieval princess stories. I did not choose the Faction Novel category. It is called a faction novel on the inside cover page. That is a relatively new sub genre, and Amazon selected it for that sub genre. Not me. It is a reality based story and it is not all pretty. The truth rarely is. You can look the sub genre up on wikipedia if you like.

    • yay!!! It is something I have been trying to sort with Amazon since the get go. I don’t know what finally made them see the light, maybe that it is a subgenre that is reawakening. I am just happy for today 🙂

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