Book Review: “Beyond Dusk: Anne”, by Sarah Cradit


I recently had the honor of being gifted a copy of “Beyond Dusk: Anne” in exchange for an honest review.  Having read “St. Charles at Dusk”, being much impressed, looking forward to “The Storm and the Darkness” as a book to read soon, I was eagerly anticipating “Beyond Dusk: Anne”.  I have read a few novellas and was very glad to see that the author gave enough backstory from St. Charles at Dusk without rewriting that novel.  I tend to resent that when authors are less than creative with their novellas.  This novella was very creative indeed, and introduced a paranormal element that I found most delightfully done and intriguing.  The characters, while matured, stayed true to their unique personalities.  I could really relate to Anne Fontaine, having been a poor southern farm girl myself once upon a time, and her having to overcome her shyness and awkwardness in being introduced to, “High Society.”  The flora and foliage were also beautifully described.  My only complaint is that, this novella was not long enough nor complete enough to suit me.  Just about the time I got really excited and was deeply into the story, it ended, quite like a teaser.  I wanted to know the rest of this story.  This teaser will only encourage me to keep reading the series, and will in no way deter me!

4 thoughts on “Book Review: “Beyond Dusk: Anne”, by Sarah Cradit

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