Charlie Joseph’s, a LaGrange, Georgia, Icon

Charlie Joseph’s

Do you have one of those places visited in your childhood that you will never forget?  Is there an iconic restaurant that you dined in as a child or a place that you were allowed to be grown up in?  Is it still there?774_content___media_external_images_media_8 (1)

Charlie Joseph’s is one of those places to me.  My father would send us from his uptown office to Charlie Joseph’s with a few dollars, real money, along with his order.  We would walk up to the outside window and order tube steaks with chili and cheese, and chips to take back to the office for lunch.  It made us feel so grown up to be given that responsibility.


Charlie Joseph’s is iconic in my small town.  It has been there since time immemorial.  My Aunt would take us there as small children where we dined inside to the juke box sounds.  She said that Charlie made his own hot dogs from fresh meats, spiced just right, ground and stuffed right there.  Although I do not believe that they do this anymore.  Only Coke-a-Cola products are served at Charlie Joseph’s774_content___media_external_images_media_10

Trent sends Sybil out for tube steaks from Charlie Joseph’s in “Red Clay and Roses”.  It is the only dining establishment in my small hometown from my youth that remains fully functioning on Bull Street Downtown.  They have even opened another one on West Point Road.  It has been passed through three generations.560_IMG_0002 (1)


Joey Keeth’s grandfather, Charlie Joseph originated from Zahle, Lebanon.  Before 1920, he migrated to LaGrange, Georgia, and peddled fruit from a horse and buggy in the LaGrange and surrounding areas.  In 1920,  He started the Charlie Joseph’s Restaurant at 107 Main Street, LaGrange, Georgia.  Charlie Joseph and his wife successfully ran the restaurant for twenty-six years together.


  Sometime in 1946, the restaurant was moved to 128 Bull Street, where the oldest location is today.  Charlie Joseph passed away suddenly two weeks before the restaurant location was moved, and the ownership was changed to Solomon Joseph, Charlie Joseph’s son. 


In 1985, Joey Keeth purchased Charlie Joseph’s from his uncle, Solomon Joseph, and opened a new location at 2238 West Point Road, LaGrange, Georgia in 1992.  Joey Keeth has worked at Charlie Joseph’s for over thirty-eight years.  Joey Keeth values the lessons learned over the years working with his family, and looks forward to sharing them with future generations in his family to come.

What Icons remain in your hometown? What responsibilities did you have as a child that made you feel grown up, or important?

36 thoughts on “Charlie Joseph’s, a LaGrange, Georgia, Icon

  1. You’re not gonna believe this…but, I grew up in Shiloh, Ga(Harris County) and know the place you’re talking about! I ate there as a boy..a high school football player…a pulp wood truck driver and a deputy sheriff. Loved it! I hope it keeps going strong. We have lost too many places like this. My iconic eatery @ home is Smittys. Just as greasy as the name implies. But governments fall there…LOL!

    1. Now I know where you get your wittiness. All of us Georgia folk have some degree of it. I know Shiloh, just over the mountain from me! Been through there many times, blinked and missed it a few too. 🙂 It is always nice to meet up with someone from back home. Pleasure 🙂 Florida has nice weather, but it will never be quite like home. Where are you now?

      1. I am a poor truck driver and I am stuck in Indianapolis, Indiana! (bleck!) I will be here for another day and plan on doing nothing but sleeping, reading and writing stuff. I want to read as many CSB posts as possible! I started with you…made me feel good. (It’s a sign!!)

              1. Mot meant to be washed out…it’s meant to soak to the bone. Its meant to get into our blood. It did.
                Bone deep and strong blood is what red clay makes. Too strong for sculptures. Red Clay only creates memories. I loved it after it rained on our farm road. How many times did you squeeze it between your toes as a kid? I know one thing…yankees couldn’t hang with us in a dirt clod fight! LOL

                1. I have actually thrown the white kaolin clay on a pottery wheel to create some beautiful pieces. The red terra cotta I have done in Raku. It fires with the colors of the rainbow.

                    1. My book is a sad story with a bittersweet ending. A little humor in it but not much. It is a very serious tragedy. Not really meant to be entertaining as much as thought provoking and enlightening. A little bit educational, for folk that don’t know what is was like in the South during the Civil Rights movement and prior to it. Or what it was like for women before Roe vs Wade. It is all based on true story. A faction novel.

    2. Also, we are probably cousins if you have lived in Harris County any length of time. All Harris County residents that were there in the 60s were my cousins, that was before it became the bedroom of Columbus.

        1. Some Clarks and Reynolds here. Had a cousin Theresa Reynolds who could really sing. An Uncle Clark. We are Dukes, Hadleys, Mcguire’s, Koones, Durhams, Geters, Harris’s and a married name of Schultz. Like you said, you can’t pick your relatives.

            1. This one used to catch the Church bus for Pine Mountain Valley Baptist back in the early seventies. Said we were cousin and she could sing really well. Her and Susan Abercrombie used to sing together. Also wanted to ask you something. You don’t have a link to your blog from your Gravatar, why not? You might want to do that. It makes it easier for folk to find you at home after a visit.

              1. How do I do that? I’m not really that sharp. I was thinking I wish my page looked as nice as yours, but I can’t figure it out! i spent all that money on this stuff and can’t make it like I want it!

                1. I can’t get to you site to check it out. Try going to My Gravatar .com and see what it says under help. Or click on your picture icon at the top right of the page and see if it will let you edit. I will look on my site, can’t remember how I did it, but somebody showed me.

  2. The bowling alley and favorite diner are still here. As far as responsibilities, I was the child that did a lot of the housecleaning. So, I still do that when it needs to be done. Just toss on the iPod and choose a room to clean.

    1. Lol…I was wondering when you would notice this post. Cute! I knew you would. I think Julian has it. You may want to ask….but then you may really need to check YOUR buns.

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