Erotica week! Submit to us (he he)

The Community Storyboard has it going on. This erotica genre submission is going on all week, and seems to be quite popular! Check it out! Bring it on! Join the fun!

The Community Storyboard

This week’s theme is Erotica! So “come one come all?” Write us your best erotica pieces of 1500 words or less or choose a piece you already have and submit that. We will also accept tasteful erotic photographs, artwork, excerpts and poetry. To submit a piece, please see our submission guidelines page above.

This will last all week until next Sunday. We will still be accepting all other regular submissions as well. Have fun with it people!

To get things started, here is a piece by Charles Yallowitz and Ionia Martin:

Starting with a warm embrace
and kiss to warm their cores
their brewing passion bursting forth
held back for far too long
tonight the dam has been torn down

With nothing but thoughts
wishes and prayers
in this dusky moonlight
two souls laid bare

Their lips touch
a spark within their chests
bodies pressing
as if to merge as…

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