Happy Birthday From Florida Pamela Beckford!!!


Hallmark has a lot to say and though they say it well

I think that maybe you’ll agree there’s still a lot to tell

So bring on the cabana boys and all the margaritas

We want to share in all the joy and dine on hot fajitas

We’re going to dance the night away and party until dawn

So save your cares for another day and put your glad rags on

Hot water is in the Jacuzzi and the cold is in the pool

RUM!? I’ll have mine in a smoothie, ‘cause I’m a healthy fool!

Steel drums sound by the poolside, palm trees are bending low

There’s a lot that we that could tell, but just a few you need to know

There’s an age when nothing matters but the fun that’s found in friendship

It’s a sort of fun not found easy when you’re hanging with your kinship

We don’t judge on bad behavior, reveal the secrets that we know

We just jump right in there with you making memories to show

So when you look back on your life and wonder where it went

Recall the parties that we had and all the good time spent

I could bring up all the times you really made my day

Or how you calmed my fears and wiped my tears away

But that would get all soppy and maybe make you cry

So I’ll make my final statement, and let your face stay dry

Happy Birthday Pam!!!  We Love You!!!

21 thoughts on “Happy Birthday From Florida Pamela Beckford!!!

    • Thanks! It is was fast and furiously done as I was out today, and so afraid I would miss it. I have been rhyming words in my head all day trying to save them until I could write them down. Ha! Fucking memory issues.

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