Guest Author: S.K. Nicholls

This is a previous interview from June by Sarah Cradit. I am reblogging to my site to have it in my collections. Don’t know if that is kosher or not, but I am doing it anyway because I didn’t keep it on my site after the interview. Funny to look back at where you were, and see it in perspective to where you are.

...and then there was Sarah

My guest today is S.K. Nicholls, author of Red Clay and Roses. Her advice on editing (it’s often the small things that get overlooked, that can ruin an entire experience), and research (again, details matter) are absolutely worth taking a look at.

Please join me in welcoming Susan to the Guest Author Program!

If you are interested in participating in the program, you can submit here.


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4 thoughts on “Guest Author: S.K. Nicholls

    • Thanks. I was trying to sort stuff on my page into header categories to keep it organized , and I am like I know I have done other interviews besides this one (Papi’ Z’s)…I could think of three that I did, but one hasn’t posted yet. But I couldn’t find but the one. Then I thought Where’s Sarah’? Realized, I didn’t save a copy on my site I guess.

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