What is “Read Tuesday” and why you should care.

Let’s keep the BUZZ going! December 10th. Read Tuesday….It’s going to be HUGE!



Read Tuesday is the brainchild of Chris McMullen, who is a pretty smart guy in terms of marketing and sales.

The idea is to use crowdmarketing (is that a word?  should it be a word?) to create a shopping day specifically for self-published e-books.  Since we all tend to act as our own marketing departments, he figured we could all work together to build buzz for e-books as a gift idea, and we would all benefit.

I think it’s a great idea.  Kind of like the Black Friday thing that major retailers do, only this is more like when a bunch of families get together and have one huge yard sale in the parking lot of a church.

The time to start building buzz on this is now (yes, I know that it isn’t even Halloween yet, but momentum takes time to build.)

He has started working on…

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