My DRUGS: Do They Even Know?


Insurance companies are the mafia with a license, truly they are.  My dad, in the business for 47 years at the age of 75, told me this a long time ago, and it’s gotten worse.

We just received our Revised Aetna Policy Exclusions (R.A.P.E.) today.  They have increased our deductible to $1000.00.  My non-formulary brand name med is now going to cost me 50% of $400.00 per month. ($200.00).  But my formulary generic brand meds, three of those, will only cost me a total of $37.00 per month, EXCEPT, I must have my meds, all of them, filled through the mail order 90 days script service to get that price on long term meds.   Which means; I will no longer be able to readily pick up my Ativan at Walgreen’s if I happen to run out.  Trust me; you don’t want to see me without my Ativan, please!

My doctor habitually fills my script for two doses a day for sixty days.  It is a narcotic, so he feels more would be detrimental.  Yet, my appointments are routinely scheduled for three months apart.  I almost always run out before my next appointment, but he won’t fill it for 90 days so I can send it through the mail order script service, which only fills scripts for 90 days.  He gets ill with me when I have to call his office, (nearly every 75 days), to tell him I need more.  I have to fill these at Walgreen’s because the “Express Scripts” mail order service (yes that’s their REAL name) takes more than two weeks to process and deliver.  TRUST ME; I have severe anxiety disorder, you don’t want me to go more than a few days without my Ativan.  After three days, I can’t sleep.  Six days with no sleep and I start hallucinating.  Two weeks and I am liable to be crouched in a corner, sweating profusely, breathing heavily, with heart palpitations and a knife in my hand!  “Get away from me! I don’t know who you are!”  Seriously?!

I am an old lady, St. Peter is not going to say, “Oops! No, you can’t come in because you’re addicted to anti anxiety medications,” when I get to those pearly gates!  He may not let me in for other reasons, but I highly doubt Ativan will be the primary one.

Insurance companies prey on our worst fears.  We pay astronomical premiums, ($360.00/mo) every single month that we work, for what?  Lord knows I don’t need a catastrophic illness to befall me wherein I would have to pay some royal sum of $350,000.00 for a heart attack or a stroke (that is, if I survived)…but preventative treatments are supposed to be covered at 100%.  Wouldn’t you say my Ativan is preventative?  Honestly now.  Do they even want to know?

Please don’t give me any of that crap about Chamomile Tea either…been there, done that.  Doesn’t work.  Just give me my damned Ativan.

43 thoughts on “My DRUGS: Do They Even Know?

  1. It is awful. My meds would be $57,000 a year if I had to pay for them myself. Thank God for my insurance which is only a paltry $18,000+ a year with a $10,000 deductible. Boy there are a lot of zeros. I pay for my own insurance. Any question on why I work? Insurance companies have become the scourge of the earth.

  2. Oh god! Express Scripts is well known to my family. My parents use them and I field a lot of the phone calls when they’re simply too annoyed to deal with them. They need to be fought tooth and nail. I wish I had a suggestion, but we haven’t figured one out yet. Insurance companies have to be some of the most evil groups in the world.

    • Thanks! Good hugs. I went off last night. You have to laugh to keep from crying. It is actually humorous after the initial shock. I laugh at this sort of craziness all of the time.

  3. So sorry to hear about all this. What a nightmare, but it sounds like your doctor is less than understanding, as well. Is switching doctors an option? Good luck!
    (I’m also covered by my husband’s insurance, as is our younger daughter. Both of us have “preexisting conditions.” )

  4. Sadly, the Insurance companies have tremendous power and making a (huge) profit is their goal. I have panic disorder, so I can relate to your situation re: running out of meds before the next appt. I’m grateful that my Dr. doesn’t give me an attitude. On the upside, since Insurance companies are paying much less for healthcare services, we’ll see more Docs who are in Medicine because they like it, not just in it for the money. Also, my husband and I have no plans to retire anytime soon, we can’t afford it.

  5. I see someone in the marketing department at Aetna will be losing their head – but it is funny to see a corporation miss seeing how they just unmasked themselves:

    Revised Aetna Policy Exclusions (R.A.P.E.)


    From what little I understand of Ativan, given reading the entire pharmaceutical packet (in font size 3 -) when ill relatives were prescribed it – not taking it after taking it for some time has huge consequences – perhaps a roustabout way to get you into feeding the hospital/ER machinery during your journey – – Yes, I AM that cynical!

    • Oh I believe that. The pharmacy conspiracy to get and keep all person paying for one drug or another….and I am a nurse! That’s what is so laughable. Most Dr.s and Nurses have huge run ins with big corporate insurance cos. on a daily basis. We find a treatment that works and the ICs say whoops, no, we’re not going to cover that unless you jump through all of these hoops!

      • 🙂 I’ve believed for sometime that the M.O. of our medical system is:

        “Keep ’em well enough to shop and pay taxes, but not healthy enough to rebel.”

        Your post catapulted me into thinking about acronyms once more – and would have been rude to leave the entire thought process in your comments section, when I have cyber-space of my own – 😀

        Sorry you’re going through this, but thanks for reminding me of my own little adventures in Acronym-ville (especially when others neglect to catch their own acronyms…) 😀

      • I would also like to say, I have many friends who work in the healthcare system and I do not consider any of you to be a part of my cynical viewpoints regarding medical care – I truly lay the cause of dysfunction at the doors of corporate conglomerate drug companies and the insurance industry! So hope I didn’t cause offense by sharing! 🙂

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