Read Tuesday: We need your help to get the word out!


All you Facebookers: We need your family and friends.  Help us promote this event with a post to your Facebook account.  This event is like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but it is all about books. It can read something like this:

Authors interested in promoting your books?  It is easy to sign up.  Gift Givers: Support the Indie Author & the Traditional Author and give the gift of books for the Holidays this year. This is going to be HUGE! December 10th! Mark your calendars. Free and 99 cent books. HUGE discounts.”

Feel free to copy and post to your Facebook site.  Post it to your group sites, as well!  Or make your own message!  (Copy and paste the Read Tuesday URL into your Facebook status with your message!)

When you post the link, a gold bow will appear in a thumbnail with a link directing folk to Read Tuesday’s site.

We appreciate your support.  Participate!  Get your books signed up today!

17 thoughts on “Read Tuesday: We need your help to get the word out!

  1. Reblogged this on Jo Robinson and commented:
    I’ll be back very soon to tell you what I did with my manuscript – and then all the madness to fix my latest toolishness. In the meantime please share this awesome event. It’s going to be the biggest EVER reader/author event.

    1. Question: Can we get a “Follow by email” widget up also, so people who visit the site can follow who might not be wordpress folk? I have had people inquire as to how they could be notified later.

      1. RT has a follow by email widget (maybe I overdid it and put both widgets). It just should just say Follow to WP users, but Follow by Email otherwise. (I guess I’ll have to test it after I log out.)

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