Scrivener Character Profiles on Index Cards Pinned to Corkboard


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Crime Novel

So this is my first clip from Scrivener where I set up my character sketches and I have the character images on my corkboard.  Kinda cool, huh?

I have character sketches made up for all of the characters who will be in the first half dozen chapters.

The writing is coming along well.  I won’t update my word count until Sunday, but I am really having fun with this.

Soon, this book will need a title and so will the series!

(PS. This is all subject to change.  I already changed Cara’s last name to one that fit better.)

Here is one example of a character sketch:

Character sketchClick to enlarge

20 thoughts on “Scrivener Character Profiles on Index Cards Pinned to Corkboard

    • I am having so much fun. It really helped to take Gwen Hernandez’ classes for 6 weeks. She wrote “Scrivener for Dummies”. Otherwise this software would have just sat on my puter for months, maybe years without me having a clue how to get started. What do you think of my P.I.’s sidekick? Workable?

  1. This blog post gives and up close and personal view of character construction in novels. Often your posts are tutorials, really! And we have a front row seat in all of this–thanks, SK

    • You are welcome. I have learned a lot about Scrivener and so many things I would have never known had I not taken the classes. Now that my character sketches are complete I can get on to settings/locations and writing out the plot and subplots. I always thought I was a panster and a linear writer who could not go by an outline, but Scrivener has really made outlining easy. All of my written work can be seen in both the editor and the outliner and I can move scenes around if I need to easily. I just love it.

    • I am such a visual person, It helps to have the images to remind me of how I see the characters as they develop. The sketches also help to keep their personalities in mind, and prevent me from forgetting important details.

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