♥ I’m Lonely and I Miss You ♥


Every day, I invite hundreds of people into my home.  We laugh, we cry, we banter.  I love the company and can’t wait until the next day to start all over again. I have had to put myself on restriction. Last night, I had to cull my email.  I was getting dozens hundreds a day and being the anal person that I am, I couldn’t go to bed without reading them all.  Most of them I just have to respond to.  It’s my nature.

Until I retired,  I was a social butterfly in real life.  Things changed after I found myself going out less and less.  Sometimes I think people just don’t understand me. I am open-minded, and have a weird sense of humor. I am often opinionated and just plain “Out There”.  I care about you and I love being an integral part of your lives.  I am; however, sleep deprived, because sometimes I am reading email until 3:00- 4:00 in the morning, (and I get up at 6am-7am).

I am also not getting much work done around here.  There are clothes in the washer, clothes in the dryer, enough dog hair on the floor to stuff mattress with, and a sink full of dirty dishes every time I turn around, no matter how many times I empty and load the dishwasher.

So, if you don’t see me around so much in comments anymore, know that I haven’t forgotten you. I will still post SOMETHING almost every day. I will still review my Reader thirty minutes in the morning and thirty minutes every evening.  I still love what you do and am grateful to be part of your family and friends. My next book IS REALLY going to get written. (Seriously, it must!) And most of all, I LOVE YOU!

18 thoughts on “♥ I’m Lonely and I Miss You ♥

  1. SK , what a heartfelt post. I am newly retired and know what you mean as I spend way too much time on the computer. It can become your life. I had to turn off my phone when I went to bed because with every ping I had to see who had written to me! And you are writing books….good luck and see you around! Namaste. . .

    • I will be lurking and I am sure that I will check my reader from time to time, even outside of my allotted time restrictions. I can’t resist. But I do need to dedicate some serious writing time to this book. Especially since there are others to follow in the series.

      • Do you know opinionated man on Harsh Reality? He has like 30,000 followers and he has cut way back because he is trying to publish a book after he writes it! Good on you girl!

        • I know a soprano singer who has over 150,000 followers. Yet, she manages to comment and post everyday. I do know Harsh Reality. He was the first person who ever followed me on wordpress and to my knowledge, he has NEVER visited my site and I have only seen him in one other person’s comments when a huge WordPress drama was going on and he needed to share his opinion. We don’t share many opinions, me and the OM.

          • LOL…oh, I touched a nerve. Believe it or not I really like him. I read his touching adoption story and I understood as I taught lots of adopted Korean kids. I know he just follows lots of people to come to his site and reciprocate.. Anyway…150,000 followers… I can’t image how she did that! Sorry… you are not doing this anymore.. . . . .

            • I was a foster child and an orphanage resident. It’s just not something I feel a need to victimize myself with. I would rather have a few followers that I can engage with regularly than a world of followers to make the stats look good. I have this blog as a social blog to connect with other readers and writers. “Connect” is the key word. I like to learn and I like to teach. I also like humor, but I don’t care for ranting and anger, or putting other people down simply because they don’t share your opinions. It violates my sense of acceptance.

  2. Aw. We love you as well. I sure will miss you. I have the same problems but I try to touch every follow once a week. This means not reading every post every day. I get over 300 e-mails a day. This is with putting some blog on daily and weekly notifications.

    • I have about twenty people I am leaving in my email. All 12 of the CSB editors and a few others. The rest I will have to see in my reader twice daily. I feel lonely already because I always occupied so much of my day interacting with people. I have managed to get about 1600 words in WIP today, and I have hours yet to work on that. It would have been more, but I cut about 600 words of dialog that seemed to be too much. I have been scolded for having too much dialog, but I think that is how I give my characters their character. I will see how this goes.

      • I am going to give you a hint. Don’t cut anything until you think you are done with the MS. You will then go back and chop the shit out of it. Who knows, what you cut in WIP might have some use somewhere else. I’m just saying 🙂

        • Thanks John. I appreciate that. I think you are right. I just need to write this thing out the way that I am feeling it and then edit later. I have this thing ingrained in me from my grandfather, “If you’re going to do something, do it right the first time.” This is the second time I started this WIP. I didn’t like the first person writing or the POV of a suspect in the last attempt. The story is there, and it is starting to really gel. I am committed to it, and so much of the research has already been done. I have research folders in Scrivener to refer to if need be. I am writing now in third person, and most of the POV is the P.I. or his Sidekick. BTW. I liked the Richard Noggin thing so much that I decided to keep it. It is actually his name. I don’t think I want to change it. There is a funny side to this dark and tragic murder and it just sort of fits. Seriously. How much do I owe you for that?

  3. I think john had some good advice about your writing. Editing is for perfectionism.

    I’ve cut way back on my interaction too. It is just too time consuming. Plus, I was doing that plus my face to face interactions and long time friend texting. Plus working 50-60 hours a week. Impossible.

    • I will still review my Reader twice a day, but I won’t be so quick to respond to posts. I could sit here and do that all day and get nothing else done. I am writing, and I have to set some limits. Nice to see you 🙂 It just seems quiet and lonely in here without my litle notifications thing dinging all day on my phone and iPad.

    • I am writing about a stripper right now so we can call this research for the book ..LOL Only she used to be a he. Still turning out to be one of my best girlfriends. Ohhhh! You meant male stripper..well that changes everything. Pour us a drink 🙂

  4. I hear you. I feel guilty when i don’t read every single post of the blogs i follow. At the moment we have just been so busy with the farm and life that i haven’t had much time to read and i have four hundred emails in my inbox!

    • haha! I can relate to the 400 emails. I get about a hundred a day. I cut them way back else I would be getting more. I follow most everybody in my reader now and instead of reading my emails, I sort of selectively click through and stop to read if I have time or find something super interesting that catches my attention. And then there are those I would never miss a post from.

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