Alternate Lifestyle Culture: Sunday Summations



  1. I spent some time going through my emails and deciding how many I could keep and who/what had to go into my Reader. I had to do it. I was staying up late reading everything.
  2. More than reading, I always felt like, if I went through the trouble to click on the blog, I needed to comment.  So I was still spending way more time than I could afford visiting.
  3. I feel like a teenager who has been placed on restriction, but I am, at least, getting a handle on my blogging.
  4. I may not like or comment on all of your posts anymore, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t read and enjoy it. I genuinely appreciate all that you do, sincerely. I continue to learn so much from you and am delightfully entertained.
  5. I have myself on blogging speed dial now, so I can give attention to things I have neglected, so that’s it for structure this week.


  1. I am not going to highlight any other bloggers this week.
  2. I had to spend more time in the real world meeting real people, so I didn’t get much of a chance to look around anywhere new.
  3. This is the Parliament House Resort:

    Parliament House resort entrance by day.

    Parliament House resort entrance by day.

  4.  It is on 10 lovely acres in the midst of downtown Orlando.  A lot of people come to Orlando and only see the Lake Buena Vista resort areas of Disney World, other such family venues, and never see the real downtown of Orlando and it is quite unique as cities go. The Parliament House is a full service resort, complete with hotel, pool, lake, a theater and seven bars (yes, that’s right, seven of them, all with different themes).
    Now Showing

    Now Showing

    They are a LGBT facility that is straight friendly and have events seven nights a week. I had a meeting there with the manager and will be meeting with their event coordinator next week to get the behind the scenes story to some of their theatrical and dance performances.  I call it research, but the double Crown Royal on the rocks wasn’t free (Tax write off?).

    Hotel suites

    Hotel suites


  5. Orlando is a very young city.  Mainly because we had no air conditioning (refrigerated air they used to call it) until the 1950s.  52 million people visit Orlando’s Disney World annually.  That’s a lot of people, and only a small fraction of them make it into Orlando proper to see our lovely city. (Lovely City pics to follow in a subsequent post.)

    Sign on my porch. I am really curious about the Magic Fingers

    Sign on my porch. I am really curious about the Magic Fingers

  6. I have a girlfriend, Nancy, coming to visit from Austin TX on the 14th. She will be here two weeks.  She is one of the two women who really pushed me to publish Red Clay and Roses. I am eternally grateful.


  1. Okay, admittedly not as good as I would have liked for it to be, but I did accomplish something by adding another 4000 words. I am now at 14,561 words (not counting the 30,000 words I have in reference with the old MS, which is still part of the story but is having to be revised/rewritten).
  2. Progress will be better next week because I did get a lot of other stuff accomplished that will aid my progress in the future.
  3. CreateSpace is adding my final text edits, so next we will upload the new cover. Yay! That should only take a couple of days.  Don’t know if it is quite going to get here by my birthday on the 15th, but very close.

6 thoughts on “Alternate Lifestyle Culture: Sunday Summations

    • Thank you Marian. My husband says he already has me a surprise present. That sort of scares me because one year he gave me a shirt with fish on it. Not that it was a bad shirt. Just sort of an odd gift that I could not feign excitement over…LOL

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