Forbidden. Outlawed.

Unfortunate circumstance.

Yet, you made my heart dance.

Cloud brought down from heaven above

To touch my lips with your love.

Dark and lonely life filled with strife

That you, fair one, cannot begin to understand.

Daring to care and share the joy found in feeling.

“Vulgar,” they would say about the display of our affection.kiss-1

And still you turn to me, and call me your golden apple.

Dropped from a tree with sturdy roots deep in an

Earth you can only wander on with trepidation.

Wrap your ebony branches around my ivory limbs,

You beg, and cover me with your green leaves of envy.

Shield me from that which seeks to separate us.

Bring peace to the minds of those who fail to know

The sweetness of amour in any color of the rainbow.

The livid can die alone and bereft,

Taking their hatred with them.

Freedom forgotten.

Released. Allowed.

~S.K. Nicholls

image: phototbucket

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