Sunday Synopsis

This week has been quiet on the home front.  The quietness is possibly contributing to my blues.

I visited a former patient of mine from the pediatric extended care unit I used to work in who has been moved into a private home.  She was happy to see me, and I was surprised that she remembered me.  Grandma’s House, the unit I worked in at Orlando Health and Rehab, closed its doors and is no more.  I hated to see the children separated, and the devoted pediatric staff moved to other units.  At Grandma’s House the old folk could come visit the children every day.

I miss my kids and their families.  Speaking of my kid’s families:

I have another five star review.  I know it may strike you as odd for a book review, but it is special to me.  The review came from another patient’s mother who learned that I had written a book.  Hilda came from Puerto Rico.  She reads and understands English well, but she struggles with the spoken and written language. Hilda expressed many times how she wished she had a better grasp of the spoken and written English language.  A few years ago, before I had thought about retiring and resuming my writing, I encouraged Hilda to read to improve her language skills.  She started bringing books to the facility to read when she was visiting her son.  Obviously, she still struggles with conveying her thoughts, but it is nice to know that she is reading and that she read and liked my book.

5.0 out of 5 stars Divine, November 27, 2013


Hilda Cotto

Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

This review is from: Red Clay and Roses (Kindle Edition)

Personality I know Miss. Susan, we meet at job like RN’s. Very professional, nice friend, wonderful mom. About Red Clay and Roses strong story.


That is a bit more personal than any book review I have ever read, but the fact that she took the time and made the effort to post one…well, it means the world to me.

I did not get the chance to do my sensory deprivation last week because I need to schedule an appointment.  So that is on my list for this week.

Tomorrow my yard guy is coming and we are going to lay landscape fabric and mulch in the garden on the other side of the pool.  We have already weeded around the flowers and plants, but we have to cut the fabric to fit around all of the plants and move the park bench, birdbath, and some other stonework before we can lay the fabric and mulch.

Have a happy, productive week, and read something!

17 thoughts on “Sunday Synopsis

  1. You just prove what we all know: writers have personal lives too! This past month we have been renovating rental property to lease again, a ton of work. Now it’s time to catch up on life. In between, I have been enjoying Theo Pauline Nestor’s Now to Sleep Alone in a King-Sized Bed. Also, participated in a teleseminar with her. Great writer–would recommend her style!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Marian. I have such a long list of books to read right now. Most are indie authors I have met online. Sounds like this has been a busier than busy season for you. We had a rental property in Punta Gorda but we sold it…too much work and too far away to deal with it. Property management company didn’t work out very well. I can appreciate the work effort involved. Thanks for stopping by. It is always a joy to see your smile on my page.

    1. Thank you. The other just seemed too commercial for me right now. Not sure if I am satisfied with this either. It is an experiment.

      I am truly in awe of your writing. I keep getting interrupted from reading by life, which is frustrating me because I am deeply engrossed in both your writing style and these characters. My book must seem utterly amateurish to you! But thank you for taking the time to read 🙂

    1. Thanks Merrild. It was sweet, though a bit strange. It made me smile. I am going through theme challenges right now. I am not entirely happy with mine and I can’t seem to find one that pleases me. maybe it is my current state of mind. Holiday blues. The low end of bipolar…who knows?

      1. Well, I like your theme. When it starts getting dark so early, I just want to go to bed at 7. ..or 5. 🙂 And I would love to spend a day reading. I haven’t done that in forever. Hope you feel better soon!

        1. Thank you. It is beautiful…the ocean pic and background, and I love the larger print space, but don’t like that it doesn’t have a sidebar at all, and no dates. I am playing around with others.

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