Fastidious Paperback Finally Launches

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Nearly seven months since this project began “Red Clay and Roses” is finally available in paperback.  The process was a learning experience. It does feel good to have this accomplished!


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Since the eversion was first published in March of this year, I have met up with a whole new world of people, made dear new friends, acquired access to resources, and enhanced both skill and knowledge.

After all of that hard work, the stress, and emotional ups and downs, it was honestly rather un-climactic. I can’t say anticlimactic. The excitement and thrill I was expecting didn’t happen.  I logged onto Amazon today and there it was, a little message that read:

It seems like there should be some sort of ceremony.  I am very happy.  I am overjoyed that it happened before Christmas!  Now I have to get out and distribute books to the twelve independent bookstores that are waiting.

37 thoughts on “Fastidious Paperback Finally Launches

  1. Congratulations! Lovely cover and looking forward to reading…. I’m still having a fastidious time with mine–hoping to get it published before Christmas but I must be realistic–possible it may not even be ready before year’s end. Oh well…. You see…you need to celebrate! Congrats again! 😀

    • Thank you! It was an arduous process. Glad to have it ready to present. I have brightened this cover a bit since these shots were designed. I am glad you can appreciate it.

  2. Very pleased for you to have the print version finally in hand, and available for readers. Just posted my review on, but wanted to tell you personally how much I enjoyed the work. Congratulations!

    • hahaha! Congratulations! What an accomplishment. A friend of mine from Texas who was with me when I first published my ebook visited recently while I was in the midst of preparing this paperback and said she had no idea what authors went through. As a reader, it never really occurred to her, and I don’t think it does to many. I wish you the greatest success!

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