Bargain Books on Ereader News Today

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“Read Clay and Roses” made the list for Bargain Books at Ereader News Today. We did not make the feature article, but we are there! Happy to be the second book on the page! We will see if this will boost sells. I have heard wonderful success stories about using this site. If you would like to check out their page for advertising click here:

EReader News Today.

You must have at least 10 reviews on Amazon and have a 4.0 rating or better.

The rules and instructions are at the bottom of the site’s page.


19 thoughts on “Bargain Books on Ereader News Today

  1. Good luck. I look forward to hearing how it goes.
    One thing though — it isn’t free. You have to pay 25% of whatever you earn from the first two days of sales after you’re featured.

    • Yeah. I wanted it to be free or 99 cents, I was going to change my royalty at Amazon so I could reduce the price for the promotion, but I did not find out that I was accepted in time. If I had gone through the changes, the book might have been unavailable for purchase during the promo. They had already put it in queue. I am still happy for the exposure.

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