What’s the Weirdest Gift Item You Have Seen this Season?

Last year I bought all my gifts online.  A huge number of companies sent me their gift catalogs this year.  I look at some of this hapifork_newscrap these ingenious inventions and wonder just how well they really sell.

Like this item:

The Hapi Fork.  It promises to change the way you eat, with vibration and LED lights when you are eating too fast. It also uses Bluetooth to wirelessly upload your meal data to the free app on your phone.  Maybe this is why I can’t lose weight.  My fork isn’t talking to my phone. ($99.99)

There is also, on the same page, a Salad Zinger, a $26.00 bottle to mix your salad dressing in.

There’s the motorized Grill brush for $39.99.  What ever happened to good old elbow grease?

You can own your very own Sand for just $19.99. Put it back in the jar and take it out and play with it when you are missing the beach this winter. (But it is special “magic” sand that conveniently sticks together and loosens as desired.)

I kind of like the cereal bowl idea that separates milk from the cereal, but $19.99, really?  Why not just get out two regular bowls when you set your breakfast table?

There’s the electric PowerCup.  A coffee cup with two outlets for DC to AC power inversion.  Put it in your car in the cup holder space and then you’ll have two power outlets.  You can take your blow dryer and dry your hair while you drive. I don’t know where you’ll put your coffee now.

If you really want to spend big, and are into high tech, there’s the Pocket Projector that will project up to a 100 inch image on your wall from the palm of your hand for just $429.99.  These are sharp, 220 lumen, HD images! It connects via HDMI (whatever the hell that is) to most smartphones, tablets, computers, and more.  I really need a 100” computer screen now, don’t I? I guess gamers could have fun with that.

What gadgets are on your wishlist this year?  Have you made your wishlist?
Seen any weird gadgets?

26 thoughts on “What’s the Weirdest Gift Item You Have Seen this Season?

  1. I haven’t really been looking at or for weird items. One of my daughters wants a wine sippy cup–we all think that’s rather brilliant though. And it’s only about $10, I think. I love kitchen gadgets, but not that expensive fork you mentioned. 🙂 HDMI (High Definition Multi-media Inteface) allows you to connect various devices–like when we connect a computer to the TV with an HDMI cable to watch Netflix. I am not a techie AT ALL. I only know it because we use it sometimes. 🙂

    • The pretty sand art is exceptional. I like that 🙂 This sand in the ad is kind of cool in that it stays moist and doesn’t dry out, so you can mold it and play with it. I don’t know. Handmade, it would have more meaning to me.

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