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I have recently done some marketing in a few places that I would like to share:

Ereader News Today has over 1,500,000 subscribers.

Galleycat Has a FaceBook page where they will market for free. It has 18, 441 members.

Addicted to Ebooks has a FB page with 6752 members for $5.00

They also have a sidebar banner page, which I haven’t tried yet $15. And some free promotion for free books. I have not tried those yet.

Goodkindles has both a Large banner at $ and sidebar banner at $50. mo I have not tried. The Gold promotion package  was $20. one time fee and gets you the following:


•    Your book will be listed permanently on Goodkindles and our social profiles
•    It will be also featured in our daily newsletter.
•    The right of bumping up your book listing back to our homepage – once, on a day of your choice (after 30 days minimum, please contact us on a day you want your book to reappear on home page). You also can edit your book details at the same time (add new free promo dates, add something to the description and so on).
•    When we’ll bump up your book, we will also publish it again on our social profiles and we will inform about it again in our newsletter.

They have other packages to choose from, as well.

Also, you may have your web site entered into their catalog for free and they encourage it. At this address:

Linking is a requirement to get into the catalog.

And thanks to Misha Burnett I have The Fussy Librarian sending out mail subscribed customers listing that will include my book. They currently have roughly 10,000 subscribers.

They don’t have a FaceBook page or list you on their website as they try to encourage people to subscribe via their mailings.

There are also dozens of FaceBook groups to advertise in daily and those require personal daily maintenance, and most do have rules about the number of posts that you can make a day.  Some allow posting on certain days. Always read the instructions pinned or posted in the side bars, Many will toss you from the group quickly if rules are broken in an effort to maintain order and avoid spammers.

31 thoughts on “Ad Your Book

  1. I’d like to add that if you’re doing a series, the big package of Goodkindles is great. You can save that bump for the week for the next book is released to get a little more traction. Working on GalleyCat now. Thanks for that one.

                    1. I think series writers, while certainly getting more recognition, have a tougher row to hoe when it comes to marketing. I don’t know how you do it. It is a juggling act for sure.

                    2. I push the most current book and occasionally the other two. Eventually, it might be that the books work off each other. For example, having 15 books out means there’s a higher chance of people finding one.

    1. Thank you Patrick. I saw that one and loved the accompanying story of how the novel came about as well. I have had sick family members all last week running me all over town, so I haven’t had much time to read or be at the computer for the past few days. I had hoped to get to your review this week, but it may be the first of next week as we are cleaning house and putting up the tree now.

      There are so many posts on your blog that I would like to read. Soon, I will make the time to sit down and peruse. I saw some lovely pics of Italy on there and other places in Europe. I know I will be back!

  2. You’re miles ahead of me, SK, but I will tuck this post into one of my account folders for use down the line. Like Hansel and Gretel, I’m following your bread crumb trail. THANKS!

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