Sunday Synopsis

If you follow this blog or know me from comments, you already know that I support the indie author & traditional authors and get excited when they share a success. Last weekend I ran a successful promo which resulted in a personal triumph which I shared with you. “Red Clay and Roses” made it to three Top 100 Best Seller lists on Amazon. We also had the collective Read Tuesday event on December 10th which may have contributed to that success. The flicker of fame burns swiftly. This weekend, despite an aggressive Facebook campaign and several smaller free and affordable advertisements, I am watching the book ease back into place. At the rate it is moving I would expect it to be back in the 100,000 range in the next couple of days.  So there is the trial.

Why am I sharing this?  Not to sound discouraging but to say that marketing is an ongoing process with ups and downs, triumphs and trials. Shameless self-promotion is a bitch, but if you don’t do it, nobody is going to do it for you. I can hope that there will be a second wave, as the book continues to sell slowly. Exponentially speaking, that would seem probable.  The sale is over and the book is back to its original price, so we will see how this goes.

Another expectation is that there may be more reviews. Many readers don’t realize how valuable these are to an author.  Not in terms of selling or not selling books necessarily, but in providing useful information from the reader audience that helps the writer to develop and grow. It lets the author know what you, as a reader, are most interested in. For example, some readers prefer a minimalist style of writing and others want details.  Some want action immediately and some want to be eased into a story.  Not all genres are the same, and not all readers share the same palate. So readers, let us know. Post reviews!

This past week everybody was sick, except me; husband, children, and grandchildren all with ear aches, flu, sore throats, colds, and sinus problems. I don’t know how I managed to avoid it, but I did. I spent most of the week running from this pharmacy to that one, babysitting, and being the nurse.

I did manage to slice my right thumb on my Christmas present: a new set of Cutco Knives. I was paring a potato, when I realized the potatoes were brilliant red.  There was no pain, not even a sting, just bright red blood. I didn’t feel a thing. For that I am grateful…I think. No stitches needed. I guess I could have lost my thumb without knowing it, so not as bad as it could have been.

We have always had our Christmas decorations up by the day after Thanksgiving until this year. I don’t yet have my tree up.  I don’t even think I’ll get around to the outdoor decorations this year.  We are having our Christmas this next Sunday evening and then everyone is going out of town.

The weeds and invasive vines have been ripped from The Jungle that is the back yard.  The landscape fabric and mulch have been laid.  Mexican heather has taken root and won’t need watering every day anymore.  The view is even nicer now from the back porch. Hibiscus, angel’s trumpet, and bird-of-paradise are in full bloom.


I have no plans or goals for this week beyond cleaning house, getting up the tree, wrapping presents, and baking red velvet cakes from scratch, using my grandmother’s cherished recipe. Sometimes it is better to go with the flow than plan anything much.

I do have a book review for you for tomorrow, so please do come back and visit.

Have a very merry pre-holiday week!

36 thoughts on “Sunday Synopsis

  1. Susan, that photo is spectacular! I want to touch it! It looks as delicate as a butterfly wing.
    So sorry about the deflation after such a great high. It sounds like you are taking it in stride, at least partially. It also shows the rest of us what we are in for–the good, the bad and the ugly. Reality is what we need, so thanks for that:>)
    Enjoy your pared-down holiday and I hope your patients recover quickly. Warm hugs.

    • Thanks Patti. First of all, I wish you could smell the angel’s trumpet. The fragrance is intoxicating and fills the air thickly. The sweetness is all you can smell the second you step out the back door.

      There is nothing to do but take it in stride. I would like to be able to focus more on writing now, so that is where I am giving most of my attention for the next few weeks. My facebook promotions don’t take but a few minutes each day. I think I have done all I can do with the ads for a while,.

      The baby grandson is the only one still sick, his ears are better, but he still is not well. Poor little guy and poor Mama. Thanks for the hugs too, most needed and most appreciated.

      • Well then, here are some more hugs:>)
        Maybe someday we’ll have virtual smells, where you can record the smell and send it to me through the computer:>)
        I can hear your disappointment, but you do handle it well. You are one of our trailblazers and I really do admire what you have done and the way you present it to us. Oh and you are a damn good writer too! Your story is still in my mind, which is a place nothing stays for long these days:>)
        Even more hugs, friend.

  2. Ph your poor thumb! I did the very same thing in April– I was cutting some clear asitate with a scalpel and sliced the top of my thumb! Thankfully it didn’t hurt, but I did need 3 stitches :/

  3. For sure, marketing is an ongoing thing, and the Amazon rankings ebb and flow. It can be difficult to know where one’s efforts are best spent. At some point, I found my marketing had to take a back seat to my new book, or I would never have gotten it finished. I’ve grown a little slack in my marketing. Maybe I need to spark something up again while I wait to hear back from the agents I queried.

    Sorry about your finger. I always find cuts like that don’t hurt when they happen, but they ache a good deal after the fact!

    • I am feeling like I can’t do the business side of book writing and the creative side at the same time. After the New Year I have one promo I want to do, For the next few weeks and certainly after the New Year, I have writing I want to focus on.

      Funny, this wound never hurt. Some of the skin peeled back exposing the tender spot, but nothing more than a bandaid required. I got lucky 🙂

  4. Again, congrats on the Amazon (and other) ratings. You are an amazing, motivator and marketer, SK. I don’t know how you can do it all–and then be the nurse, put up a tree, bake a cake from scratch. We have lots of hibiscus in Jacksonville now, but I don’t remember seeing angel’s trumpet–love those, and so appropriate for the season. A stellar photo!

    • Thanks Marian. Being frank and honest about the book is the best way to be supportive to others I think, no unrealistic expectations.

      Everybody is well now except the baby grandson, so Mama is in a better way to care for him.

      I wish there was some way to convey fragrance over the internet (maybe some future time we will) the air is permeated with the sweetness of the angel’s trumpet.

    • I wouldn’t have received them if my niece hadn’t been selling them. I am proud to have them, the best set of knives I have ever owned. Their claim to being the sharpest made, I do believe.

      • We have the peeler and another knife because my son was selling them this summer. I refused to get more than that. But they are sharp which is not a good thing for me. I cook a lot on weekends and frequently end up citing myself while chopping. With Cutco I wouldn’t have any fingers left.

    • Don’t be jealous. I am sorely missing cold weather and snow. It is funny how you want what you don’t have. Hard to get in the Christmas spirit when it is in the seventies. Very pretty weather though. I will appreciate it come Jan and Feb.

    • So far that is happening. To my surprise, I woke up this morning with two categories at top 100 best seller that I was not expecting and they were both African American. I was not anticipating that.

  5. Frankly, I applaud you. I’m wiped out just reading the posts I have been able to manage this week. It IS a wonder you kept up and ran around looking after everyone without getting sick too. Whew. I need a nap. Don’t you? 😉

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