Mission Possible

It would be nice if Amazon allowed books you buy for independent bookstores to count toward your ratings. Ha!  These were delivered today!


I have 30 paperback books that have already been sold…now I just have to brave the holiday traffic and distribute these to the stores that bought them.  They are all to be paid up front, no consignments.  A tiny trickle in the river that is exposure, but I am hoping to stir some local interest.  I also like the idea of supporting the local independent bookstores and having them support me.  We have a dozen or more such stores, so this could be interesting. I have two radio stations that I am sending copies to. They are both talk stations and review books and interview authors on Saturdays.  So we will see what happens with that. Autographed copies are being sent out this week (you know who you are) but may not arrive before Christmas.


Went to the grocery store in my fuzzy slippers for the second time this week.  They aren’t even pretty fuzzy slippers. Starting to feel like one of those shoppers that gets their picture passed around the internet.  I am really getting too comfortable with this whole, “work at home” thing. However, I do recall showing up for my nursing job once with my scrubs on inside out.

Here are some pretty flowers from the garden today.  Something to take your mind off the ice and snow for a moment.

Peace Lilies look like little sailboats on a sea of green.

Peace Lilies look like little sailboats on a sea of green.

I did not even know that Tiki Plants bloomed until this year.

I did not even know that Tiki Plants bloomed until this year.

Bird -of-Paradise is just past its peak.

Bird -of-Paradise is just past its peak.

Hibiscus bloom year round.

Hibiscus bloom year round.

Hoping you have a good work week whether you are working at home or out and about.

44 thoughts on “Mission Possible

        • I had a short story published in one of Rod Serling’s paperback collections when I was seventeen. It was about just such a thing…left her estate to her 28 cats. Not very original now, but it was back then to a 17 yo.

            • LOL…My grandmother had 28 cats. I know, because I let them all into the kitchen one day and stood on the table to count them…until I felt the fire from her hickory switch.

                • I knew that they did not allow cats in the house. That was taboo. They were dirty outdoor farm cats whose job was to catch rats, mice, and moles. It was feeding time and the cats were all gathered at the door. When I opened the door they charged me and all ran inside. I got onto a stool and then onto the top of the kitchen table, also taboo to stand with one’s dirty feet on the eating table. I didn’t even see her coming with the switch. She always kept one over the mantel. It was an Indian dance at that moment in time. Nothing cuts deeper or smarts so badly as a switching. I would like to say that it didn’t happen often, but my older sister had a way of getting into crap and blaming me. She was always seen as innocent. I frequently took the heat for her crap, and so did my cousins. She was conniving, and my grandmother’s pet.

                    • Once, my grandmother had two boxes of chocolate covered cherries on top of the piano. My older sister had taken one and would not share it. This is how hard it is to be the stupid younger sibling. Grandmother stepped out onto the back porch and said that she had another box for whomever enjoyed the other one. We were hiding behind a sand pile. My older sister says, “Go tell her you got it, and she’ll give you that one.” Dumb Dora here steps out, admits she took the other box, and claims the prize…needless to say, it wasn’t another box of chocolates.

    • It is. Even though the paperback isn’t selling online like the ebook…it does make you feel more like a “real” author with your paperback in hand…with your name on it.

  1. Kudos on your sales . . . impressive!
    About the flower photos. I have a peace lily on my porch, but it’s not blooming now. Love the image of the blooms as “little sailboats on a sea of green.” What you call Tiki plants I call “red sisters.” I never some them bloom though. We’re just a lot cooler here in Jacksonville. Woman of many talents: writer AND photographer. Thank you!

    • Thanks. It would be nice if the paperbacks would take off online. They were there when I did the promotion on eReader News today that got the online book some attention, but I suppose they were all looking for ebooks. I sold one copy during those two days.

      I like red sisters better. They grow in groups like sisters and they are red (and purple). Glad you enjoyed the pics.

  2. It would be nice if the books that we order from create space and sell through indie bookstores counted towards our sales ranks. I have sold quite a few paperbacks through a local store here, and I just ordered more for my daughter to sell at a convention that she’s attending in the spring. (Her idea.)

    • That’s wonderful. The store that I am selling in only agreed to purchase two to four copies. I had planned a sort of book launching signing at one in November, but I don’t know yet if they are still open to the idea. I have a few night shirts and t-shirts with the book cover image. I could see black t-shirts with “Cannibal Hearts” on them!

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