New book by a group of authors scattered all over the world! Tell me that’s not interesting in and of itself! Fauxpocalypse


Well, this is it.

Fauxpocalypse, a collection of original short fiction, went live on Amazon Kindle at noon today.

This is the culmination of an idea that I had just about a year ago.

Two ideas, really.  The first was about the theme of the end of the world in literature, and that I couldn’t recall any stories about what would happen if the end of the world was predicted, but failed to materialize.

So I set out to write one, and then I realized that I really wanted to read other people’s stories on that theme.

That led to my second idea.  What if, I wondered, I opened up the world I was working on to contributions from all over the internet? 

When I started this project I really had no idea just how ambitious the concept was.  In retrospect, this whole thing is profoundly impractical.  A…

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