Featured on GoodKindles

good_kindle_books“Red Clay and Roses” is featured on GoodKindles today here http://www.goodkindles.net/

I am going into Author Central today to make a note to readers concerning the true events and the fictional account of the story.  It seems like that is necessary to clarify how this can be a true story and not be non-fiction, like a memoir.

7 thoughts on “Featured on GoodKindles

  1. I’m curious if you felt this was worthwhile or not. I tried it and really didn’t get any interest in my book from it. Just wondering if other authors have. That being said, they were efficient and delivered what was promised.

    • I have sold three books in January and this is the only place I am advertising this month. Does that answer your question? Very disappointed in consideration of the cost. I wish I had check them out on Alexa first. People told me that they have a high traffic volume…yeah they do, for teenagers looking for YA fantasy and Ya fiction…not literary fiction or historical fiction. If you want to check out traffic on a site type the site in here:
      This is why I rave over ENT and BB.

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