Twenty-One Things I Learned by Age Fifty

1. Money cannot buy everything, but it can buy peace of mind. Work hard and smart to earn, save, and be frugal.

2. Love is not simply when they mean everything to you; love is when you mean everything to them.

3. Emotional pain hurts worse than physical pain and takes longer to heal.

4. Elastic is one of the greatest inventions of all times.

5. You are going to make mistakes. Laughing over your mistakes is healthier than crying over them.

6. You cannot expect people to support you if you are not supporting them.

7. Anger will fade if you give it time and do not obsess over it. Forgiveness helps.

8. Serenity is knowing that the good does not last forever, but neither does the bad.

9. Nobody can do it better than you.

10. Palm tree leaves are pretty but they have spikes that sting like a wasp and penetrate deeply.

11. Moderation is the best approach to most anything.

12. We all have selective memory.

13. Meditation and prayer work wonders, even if you are an atheist.

14. A smile and an expression of gratitude can make someone’s day.

15. Children do not just want attention they need attention.

16. Breast fed children are not necessarily better adjusted or healthier.

17. Today is tomorrow’s yesterday.

18. Don’t regret the past nor wish to close the door on it.

19. I feel more like I do now than I did before.

20. A wise young man will be a wise old man, this not to imply that a wise old man was a wise young man.

21. Virginity is like a balloon, one prick and it’s over.

36 thoughts on “Twenty-One Things I Learned by Age Fifty

    • Yeah, I had to throw that one in. I did not own a palm tree until I bought this house at about age fifty. I did not know that palm trees required maintenance and had to be pruned. I always thought they were pretty, until I pruned ours. A leaf fell as I clipped it, and a spike went in close to three inches. I pulled it out, but my whole shoulder swelled up red and angry. It lasted for a week or more. Maybe it was an allergy, but I don’t want to know if it will happen again, so I pay a man to do that now, and he suits up to do the front yard. Greg does the back with a small chainsaw, but wears a jacket and gloves. Live and learn.

      • I worked in a Home Depot garden department for the first 3 months of my Florida time. A coworker disappeared for a few weeks. Apparently, a palm tree stuck him while he was moving it. There was an infection and it was just a mess.

        • Oh dear. I had not thought about infection, maybe that is why mine swelled up so badly. That is scary.

          I had MRSA once. Started as an ant bite on my great toe, and I nearly lost my left leg. Was hospitalized, had to have surgical debridement and irrigation of a necrotic groin ulcer, on IV antibiotics for weeks. I was lucky to live through that one.

  1. Hope this doesn’t post twice, but Word Press had a problem the first time around.
    I wanted to share my favorite palm tree experience in Florida. We had just moved into our Sarasota house, which had a huge yard of long-neglected palms. I went out with a saw and started trimming away the old growth on one above my head when I released a cascade of thousand upon thousands of Palmetto Bugs (for the uninitiated, giant winged cockroaches). They rained down upon my head, clambered into my shirt and up my pants, scurrying everywhere in their haste to get away and find a new hiding place. The lawn and I were black with them. Now, I’m okay with just about any bug or insect, so I didn’t panic, just shook like crazy to dislodge those who thought of me as a new form of palm tree to nest in.

    • That’s hysterical! And creepy! I never thought of palm trees harboring insect nests. Glad you weren’t hurt. I thought you were going to tell me a terrible saw story and I was bracing for hearing you cutting off a body part. BUGS UGH!

    • Agreed. They say that youth is wasted on the young. I think about that every time I see an old man riding around in a hot BMW convertible. I am one of those people who is proud to have made it this far. I could have easily died young.

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