Red Clay and Roses for Less Than a Dollar!

There is a fancy word for S.K. Nicholls’ novel; “Red Clay and Roses” is a roman à clef. (pronounced romanaclay) This is what I refer to as Faction, or a fictionalized true story. If you have been curious about this impressive literary work, gather up your pennies and head on over to Amazon or Smashwords and buy your copy today for 99 cents for the full sized novel.

That’s right, 99 pennies!

Never before offered at this easily affordable price,

“Red Clay and Roses” is now on sale!


A kickoff for a two week long sale, the novel will be featured on Ereader News Today in the category of literary fiction starting tomorrow.

Unique in that it crosses genres of Historical Fiction and Literary Fiction we decided to promote in the Literary Fiction category for this sale and hope to sell a few books.


Our hope is to sell out the ebook, which people say is impossible, but I say is inevitable.

So please do your bit by buying, gifting and spreading the word.

While the book is available at Amazon and Smashwords today, over the next few days it will also be available at the same 99 cent price across all platforms; including, Barnes& Noble, Apple iBooks, Sony, and download (1)Kobo. This sale will be running for two weeks.

Red Clay and Roses

Beat the crowd, and raise the ranks!

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