What a Wild Concept

C.S. Boyack has just released “Wild Concept” into the world.

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Now that I’ve released Wild Concept into the world, I probably ought to tell everyone what it’s about. I’ll do this in a blog friendly way, and not try to come up with some kind of blurb. I’m talking to friends here, right?

I always liked science fiction that I called “five minutes into the future”. (I may have stolen that from the old Max Headroom TV show. Yeah, I’m old.) This is the approach I took with this story.

I wrote this story about four or five years ago. With the appearance of Almost Human on TV, and a reboot of the Robocop franchise it feels like the right time to set it free.

Atlantic Robotics stole a page from Detroit. They decided to make their own concept model. Rather than show it off at the Detroit Auto Show, they chose the Consumer Electronics Show. The concept was designed…

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