Sunday Synopsis


  • Got my oil changed (full 50K maintenance)…damn…that took a month of procrastination to accomplish and four hours at the Lexus dealership. They did feed me breakfast and lunch, and provided diet cokes and water. I had my iPad with me so I caught up on some reading.
  • What am I reading, you ask? Misha Burnett’s Catskinner’s Book and Cannibal Hearts. My husband already read them both, and thoroughly enjoyed. I am introducing him to indies and he is more than impressed. I am just getting started with the books myself. What a wonderful imaginatively creative author. Intriguing. That’s all I am going to say about that just now. Get your copies.
  • My post Valentine’s Day sale with ENT did very well moving a couple of hundred books, but in the category of literary fiction, not historical fiction. Something tells me these people may be harsher in reviews. A friend of a nursing friend posted my first two star review on Amazon. It is tacky. I am over it.
  • I finally jumped off the tree limb, spread my wings, and joined Twitter. I started out clueless and would like to apologize to any of the folk I possibly annoyed the hell out of while I was adjusting to this platform. BTW, I am still adjusting, so this is a proactive apology as well. My Twitter address, I think, is if you would dare to follow me.
  • I neglected my blog as I did some babysitting and went out and about town. We were supposed to go to the beach today, but I may go alone later this week. My husband grew up on the beach and loves the water. We are boat people, but he is not so fond of hanging out on the beach. He says that it reminds him of lonely times in his life, so I am trying to change that, but he won’t let me. I don’t push.
  • There are now three independent book stores carrying three copies each of Red Clay and Roses. They will call me if they would like more/sell out. It seemed a lot of work to get onto shelves locally. Traffic is awful here in the city this time of year in Florida. I can’t imagine those nine copies really doing a lot to make a huge impact on sales. Possibly some local interest.


Hot Pink Camellias
Hot Pink Camellias
Peppermint Camellias: Not the prettiest blooms as they are beginning to fade.
Peppermint Camellias: Not the prettiest blooms as they are beginning to fade.
Blooming cat, Boozer, performs eye roll.
Blooming cat, Boozer, performs eye roll.
Loquats are beginning to fruit. They are great off the tree or in salads.
Loquats are beginning to fruit. They are great off the tree or in salads.
Euphorbia ,"Crown of Thorns", blooms year round.
Euphorbia ,”Crown of Thorns”, blooms year round.


  • More book deliveries.
  • More Tweeting. My GoodKindles promo was not successful at all, so I am also looking into others. It seems that I have to find someplace that has a few hundred thousand followers to move a couple hundred books. BookBub still won’t give me a chance.
  • I finally got my first chapter to my WIP ready for reading to my writers’ group. That will be Wednesday. Still not certain if the first paragraph works.
  • Go to the beach before it gets too hot.
  • Spray the never ending weeds.
  • Get the chemicals balanced in the pool.
  • All the regular household duties that I tend to neglect while I #amwriting.
  • W.R.I.T.E.

60 thoughts on “Sunday Synopsis

        1. I told them to enjoy. Then I said something stupid…can’t recall what it was exactly, just remember feeling it was stupid…something about the novel style. A simple thank you would have been most sufficient. Then I wondered if I should have even responded at all. Duh! Open mouth insert foot.

    1. LOL…he gets water every day. Straggly old man. He came with the house. He was a yard cat and I let him be. He brings us mice and moles. He has really sharp claws that he likes to exercise when you pet him. The owner said he was about ten when we bought the house six years ago. I am more a dog person than a cat person. Allergies.

        1. Year round. Sometimes he makes it into the garage, if it gets wet or cold enough. He does go to the vet once a year. His hair is falling out. They say it is normal at his age.

                    1. That’s what they have done now, as best they could. The landlord wanted access for plumbing purposes (which they always seem to have trouble with.) It’s a mess.

  1. I still have not adjusted to twitter. Let me know when you figure it out! Going to check you out now. Mine is @knowleselle – I think also! LOL! Beautiful blooming flowers. Most of mine didn’t make it through the freeze. Hope my frangi pangi makes it.

    1. Oh I love plumeria. The lady across the street has some. When it freezes all my tropicals go brown and I have wait until spring greens them up or replace them. We have not had below 32 degrees for more than nine hours, which is what it takes to kill most tropicals.

    1. Facebook is good for sharing pics. People don’t comment or share much anymore besides pics and memes. Mostly family pics and funny stuff. Sometimes good informative articles. A very visual platform.

  2. LOL: I neglected my blog. I don’t follow anyone else who posts as often as you do. Wow, you get more accomplished in a day than many folks do in a week–really!

    I too can make readers jealous with camellias on my kitchen window sill. Also bought 3 big tubs of bougainvillea at GreenScape Plant Sale last Saturday: pinkish red, white, and lavender.

    1. Thanks Marian. you say so, but I follow so may who post every day, sometimes two or three times, I feel like a slacker when I am not posting.

      I inherited the camellias, but I can’t plant bougainvillea. My husband refuses to have anything else on the property with thorns that he has to maintain 🙂 It is beautiful though and one of my favorites 🙂

    1. Something is blooming all the year round here. I was surprised the loquats are fruiting already. I miss the spring bulbs. The daffodils, hyacinth, tulips, narcissus, gladiolas….all the spring and summer flowers that we are too hot here in Central Florida to grow. Spring just doesn’t have the same sweet fragrance here.

  3. First, congrats on the book hope it is a fun journey for you.
    Second, Twitter can be a most valuable tool if you use it wisely. I don’t know how you have your time apportioned now in promoting but it’s one place you can push yourself without being verbose. there are amazing writers who will follow you and get you into Triberr.
    best to you!!!

  4. It sounds like you had a great combination of work and play this week! (I’m not sure which one Twitter is. 🙂 I haven’t jumped on there yet, but I can see it coming. I love the flowers (and the cat).

  5. I have been neglecting blog land lately too. We were really busy, then away, and now i have come down with a sinus infection and my brain just doesn’t have the energy to read books or blog posts.

    1. Thanks for the link. I may see about this. My book goes back to its original price today sometime. Was supposed to be Monday but Barnes and Noble is slow and Amazon won’t change back until everyone else does.

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