Book Review: Dreams of Love: A Poetry Collection by Pamela

Pamela has written a poetry book or two. I haven’t read the second collection she wrote in collaboration with Kirsten, but I have read “Dreams of Love”.


Pamela’s debut poetry collection is themed around the many facets of love and the intimacies of dreams and longing. You can feel the emotion and tension with each carefully placed syllable. The rhythm and words will make your heart dance with the pleasure and weep with the pain to be found in loving. Some are freehand and some are set in specific styles which she explains. I appreciated all of them, but was particularly fond of “True Love” and “Dreams”. Pamela has bared her soul and exposed to us a deeply loving and caring spirit. I highly recommend this lovely little collection of poems. ~ 5 Stars

You may purchase a copy for 99 cents here on Amazon.

You can find Pamela here at Year ‘Round Thanksgiving Project.

You can find her poetry blog here at Poetry by Pamela. 

No matter how candid or honest we are, we all have an online persona that is somewhat removed from our real life existence. You read the voice in the words I write, but you cannot possibly know my deepest, darkest secrets, my character defects, my many aspirations, or my dreams. Even if I share them with you in my words, you only know what I tell you or show you.

I don’t usually review poetry collections on this blog, as I feel poetry a deeply personal expression and experience, but I made an exception.

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with this most special blogger and friend named Pamela while she was on a Florida vacation. I was shy, scared, nervous, embarrassed. With all of my insecurities, I wondered; What if she doesn’t like me? Will she think I’m fat and thus unhealthy? Should I dress up or dress down? Does she care if I am in a dress or pants? Does my hair look okay? Am I wearing too much make up? Not enough? What if I say something stupid? What if she bites? I suffer from anxiety disorder. What else can I say?

It would have probably only mattered had I shown up wearing my pajamas, or naked.

By meeting in person, I felt like I was baring my soul, somehow exposed, in a way that I am protected from online. Much like the poet does when writing. I know it sounds silly, but that’s where I was.

Long story short, she was adorable. She didn’t even bite me. Probably cared less what I looked like. We chatted over lunch. She put my anxieties to rest.  It was fascinating to see an online persona animated and alive, complete with subtle personality nuances, generosity, hugs, a smile and a twinkle in her eyes. She is charming, witty, and loving. (She talks about wine, but I was the one actually drinking it at midday.)

She is a sweetheart. It was a very nice visit, and I wished we had more time together.

Pamela and I at the Dali with our dollies.

Pamela and I at the Dali with our dollies.

Pamela B. and Kirsten A. have teamed up with another poetry collection call “Voices of Nature” which you can purchase here on Amazon.


11 thoughts on “Book Review: Dreams of Love: A Poetry Collection by Pamela

  1. Whatever the disparity between the real you and your online persona, your vulnerability shows through–to me, a good attribute of any author. You are so kind to showcase Pamela again. Of course, she is worth it. Pamela, I love the cover to your collection.

    • Thanks Julian! You met the love of your life and you two are the muse that inspired this poetry, so I would say yes, it is. 🙂

      Of course, if you had come over looking like a big hairy toothless gorilla who smelled like he just came out of the African jungle, I doubt if you would have been as well received. 😉

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