Zombros: Writers’ Group Movie

You’d think there wasn’t another way to spin a zombie apocalypse, then again you never considered bath salts and Miami. And that happened for real. So please enjoy “Zombros” and let us know what you think. It’s a 10-minute film featuring a Central Florida cast and crew. The production included several of our writers as cast and crew, including Bryan (bandanna), Michael, and Christine pictured below. Wade wrote and produced. Nathan edited. Jeff died twice. Dan died a horrible death – surprised? It was great fun to make. So awesome. I just had to share!

It’s called “The Writer’s Group of Central Florida…or Thereabouts.” A fun and supportive group of folk.


BTW…Bryan Hughes, the guy in the bandanna, just published a book:

“In an apocalyptic look at a future that never was; Rain takes you into the life of a select few survivors who live in a world where water is so scarce it no longer falls from the skies. 

Lakes and rivers are dried up in this reality where the living cling to life by placing their beliefs in whatever helps them hold on. Often killing each other in search of water. Safety is found in numbers and behind the barrel of a gun, or nowhere at all. 

The stories focus is around a hero who is on the brim of insanity. This man tries to maintain his grip of reality and bring back life to a world that has been turned into a vision of carnage when all others have accepted it as hell. 

Can he really bring back the rain, or is he truly just accepting his inevitable death as he leads his small group north? Join the last days of his long struggle; through love, death, bullets and fire.” 

Share your thoughts.

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