Bird-of-Paradise: What I Do When I Am Not Writing

People often ask me what I do when I am not writing. I paint, but I am a novice. Most of it I give away to people who express interest in it, family and friends. This is my latest, rather two dimensional, watercolor. The flow of paint on paper or canvas is relaxing. I paint in oils too, but it is messier and takes more time. I also make jewelry. It doesn’t look that great photographed without being on a model, IMO, maybe one day.

what i do besides write 006

what i do besides write 011002

It is odd how different it looks in sunlight compared to incandescent light. This last one was taken indoors. Most of the time my studio serves as a storage room. Sometimes I paint outdoors. I don’t care for the background wash in this painting honestly. Better luck next time. The Bird-of-Paradise that bloom all winter are gone now.



What are your hobbies besides writing?

36 thoughts on “Bird-of-Paradise: What I Do When I Am Not Writing

    • Thanks. Not my best, but something I felt I could share. My favorite was a painting of our parrot, but we gave her and the painting away! I did lots of crafts with my kids. We lived on a farm so I guess the animals were as much a hobby as the kids.

  1. Wow, that’s a hit of colour! I can see the appeal. Other than writing, I am into mineral collecting – out and about looking for rocks and crystals, and then photographing them.

    • My son had a gorgeous mineral collection with lovely geodes, cubes like fluorite and calcite and pyrite. I wonder if he still has it?

      I am heavy handed with the color for watercolors. I use tubes instead of the reconstituted kind. I tend to paint the same as I do with oils. I would have liked a softer less dramatic background…but hard to redo once it’s done. Thanks for stopping in Maggie πŸ™‚

  2. Those look great. Definitely above the level of a novice. What else do I do besides writing? Uh . . . some reading. Video games occasionally. Honestly, I kind of do whatever the toddler wants to do these days. As long as he doesn’t put me in a time out for eating one of his cookies.

    • That’s fun . I wish we had more time and money for traveling. You were in Asia for a while, right? I would love to visit Australia. I also would like to see Europe and India.

        • I would love to see the Indonesia Islands but I hear they are not too very friendly to us there. My aunt tour there and they took blue jeans to this one island because you had to take them gifts.

  3. Sk, you are the Monet of the Bird of Paradise flower. My hobby – I love to sit and stare in my garden, often featured on my blog. After our kids married, we traveled all over Europe. I’d like to go back to the South of France or other places in Tuscany, Italy. Confession: Sometimes to unwind, I watch silly TV shows. And then there’s the grand-children – a hobby and an investment.

    • That’s enough to keep you busy. My FAVORITE hobby is sitting on my back porch staring out over the pool and gardens contemplating the greater aspects of the universe not getting much else done. πŸ˜‰

    • Why, thank you Tess. I can’t paint a masterpiece in a day like many of my artist friends do. It takes me days to draw and then weeks to paint something. I am slow, meticulous, and detail oriented. I see some people paint in sweeping motions and in a matter of minutes they have created something impressionable. I did more beading in past years, but it is tedious and detailed, also. Takes a lot of time. I’d rather be writing.

  4. Wow, I love the vivid brightness of those paintings! You have some great talent there πŸ™‚

    I love to garden when I’m not writing, it’s one of my main passions πŸ˜€

    • It is work for me to paint. I wish I did have that talent that comes naturally πŸ˜‰

      Me too! But I have gotten lazy…I only plant things that can pretty much take care of themselves. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Painting is a great hobby to have–and it’s nice that you have such lovely flowers in your garden! My mom is an artist, and one of my daughters–actually both are good artists. I didn’t get that gene. πŸ˜‰ I suppose my blog is a hobby–fun writing, as opposed to academic. I love to read, watch TV, and my husband and I go to lots of movies and plays. I guess I have many “leisure activities,” but I’m not sure if I have hobbies?

    • Art does not come naturally to me. I like to think I am kind of artsy. It is work though, a skill I have had to practice and I am no expert. Sometimes I get lucky and something comes out acceptable, but rarely as I intended. I do have fun with it and it is relaxing…just messy to clean up.

      Leisure…definitely blogging and piddling around with the dogs and reading. I spend enormous quantities of time sitting on the back porch THINKING about what to write next.

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