The Beach Was Lonely

The beach was beautiful, but isolated.

I drove back to Orlando as the sun was setting.

For those of you who have known me any length of time, you know I can’t decide if I want to be a country girl or a city girl. I will always have the country in me, but Florida is different.

Here, south of the Panhandle, it is city or beach, anything in between is marsh or swamp. While the marsh is a fascinating ecological system, it is not very picturesque. It is also flat.

So here I am, back in Orlando.

Central Florida.

Ten minutes from downtown and one hour from the beach.

The city never sleeps, but the late night photo that I used to have on this blog with the black background was just too dark and depressing. I tried other colors with this image but the busy night lights all clashed.

Maybe I am just a bit weird, but it seems there are people here. I am not alone.

What do you think? Is this background too white, too harsh on the eyes?

36 thoughts on “The Beach Was Lonely

    • Thanks Charles. I like that it has palm trees in it, also. The bits of green and the clouds make it look more alive than my old nightscape of the Orlando skyline.

        • That fountain is so cool. It is a glass dome and you can actually look inside up under it and watch the water falling when you go out in one of the swan boats.

          I also like that the sky in this panorama is still blue. The lights are all on reflecting on Lake Eola, but it isn’t pitch black.

            • Even though it is smack in the center of downtown, it is obscure. You drive north on the main street, called Rosalind, but it is the north moving famous Orange Ave that runs south. After you pass the courthouse on your left, there is a very small amphitheater on the right. There are a few trees nearby. If you park there, you walk down to a sidewalk and blam, there it is, a huge hidden lake. They have big swan peddle boats you can ride in the daytime. It is my grandkids favorite park to play in with lots of grassy areas. There are little huts, live swans & ducks everywhere, two playgrounds, an Asian garden with pagodas, big shady live oaks dripping with Spanish moss, and plenty of benches. There are also lots of al fresco dining areas overlooking the water.

              • I thought it was the lake I passed when I went into Orlando for a substitute teaching job. Honestly, I always got confused driving around Florida. Coming from an area with grid-like roads, Orlando was baffling at times.

                • Central Florida is a giant sponge. It is riddled with lakes to meander around. But Georgia, with it’s mountainous winding roads was much harder to drive in. Lake Ivanhoe, also downtown, is bigger, but doesn’t have parks or a nice sidewalk. I-4 crosses Ivanhoe. I used to live in an apartment in College Park on Lake Adair. It is a sidewalk lake surrounded by mansions…but the people who lived in them told me they only lived in a couple of rooms, seriously, they were “investment” homes.

    • Thanks Sue. I am happy with it. I had a beach scene at sunrise with with peaches and lavenders, but it was dull. This is more lively. Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

  1. It looks lively to me, but not particularly beach-y. I’d send it to the Chamber of Commerce. Orlando doesn’t need more traffic (right?), but you could showcase your photographic talents. Why not give it a shot.

    • Thanks! I get restless with mine about every six months. back and forth between the city and the beach.

      If I get deep into this crime writing thing maybe I’ll change it to S.K. Nicholls’ Bloody Writer’s Blog, or Writer’s Bloody Blog, or Heroes, Harlots and Hustlers πŸ˜‰ Something more intriguing.;)

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